Remember this is not a PC blog. I know I have most likely offended you already. There is no way to talk about this without stirring up a bees’ nest.

Back in 1997, I donned tan-coloured shoe polish in order to portray detective James Martinez in my high school media class group’s adaptation of NYPD Blue.  I felt compelled to do so for receiving a lower mark on the previous project where I portrayed Muhammed Ali as a Caucasian.  Shame on me.

And we all know what Megyn Kelly said last Halloween. Shame on her too, I guess.

But since we are talking about Contrastingface performances, can’t we agree that Dave Chappelle did a kick-ass job impersonating a white guy on the Chappelle show?  What about Robert Downey Jr. in the movie Tropic Thunder?

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