Banned: K-cups

In our democracy, everyone’s ideas have the opportunity to come to fruition. Even the stupid ones.

The Prime Dictator lives in an alternate reality and protects the people from their own stupidity, for he is wise.

And in that reality, the Prime Dictator will ban any invention that is not in the best interest of society.

In that reality, Keurig’s K-cup brewing system will not exist, except maybe as a concept that was shot down in its infancy. And shooting down this disgusting idea is what our democratic society should have done as well.

Every year the Keurig K-cup system generates enough plastic to encircle the globe multiple times, whereas the waste from its predecessor can go directly into your compost bin.

Let’s not forget the Keurig’s secondary waste product: shitty-tasting coffee.

The Prime Dictator hereby bans the Keurig K-cup brewing system for being expensive, wasteful, and producing inferior coffee.

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