They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

Did you grow up in Ontario, Canada like me?

If you did, maybe you remember the license plates on your grandma’s Buick LeSabre back in 1985.  You know, the ones that were made back in 1973 and said, “Keep It Beautiful”.

Even though your grandma is too old to drive now, she still has the plates and they still look brand new.

They must have been made of some kind of space-age material that lasted for decades.  We must have had an abundance of that material back then.

Fast forward to modern times.  Our license plates are peeling like a bad sunburn.  It’s embarrassing.  How is something that used to last for a lifetime now only guaranteed to last for 5 years?  I guess license plates have gone the way of the Avro Arrow, the most advanced supersonic fighter of its time: we’ve scrapped the designs and materials to make them and have settled on something sub-par.

That’s okay, though. The government will kindly instruct the prison inmates at Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay to stamp out a new pair of plates for you if you’re willing to part with $59 of your hard-earned money.

You might want to consider getting them replaced because the Highway Traffic Act makes it illegal to drive around with peely-plates.  Don’t try to paint over the numbers to make them legible again – that is illegal too.

I propose we add one more section to the Highway Traffic Act.  This section would make it illegal for the government to steal money from our pockets for a commodity that we had sorted out half a lifetime ago.

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