You Have Not Been Electrocuted…

…unless you’re dead. Or severely injured?

The severely injured part isn’t sitting right with me.

Is this the Mandela effect (having a memory that turns out to be different in reality from how it was remembered)?

I have always known electrocute to mean killed by electric shock (you know, the two root words electric, and execute mashed together).

Today I looked up the definition from Merriam-Webster:

1 : to kill or severely injure by electric shock

2 : to execute (a criminal) by electricity

This is weird. I don’t remember the part about injury, only death. The second definition definitely requires death. I guess when a death row inmate is severely injured by the electric chair (defenition 1), they would just keep throwing the switch until they became dead (definition 2).

I have been correcting people who use electrocute incorrectly my whole life. For example, one might say, “I was installing a new light fixture in the bathroom and I got electrocuted.”

And I would say, “No, you didn’t. You’re still alive.”

With that in mind I will do something that I do from time to time, and that is admit I was wrong. In doing so, I’ve proved my wife wrong on another topic – that I never admit when I’m wrong.

But am I? Well, sort of.

I was wrong because death is not required, but they were wrong too, because in the absense of death, severe injury is required.

And the only thing severely injured by the dumbasses I know, who work with electricity without flipping the breaker first, is their pride.

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