Something to Get Worked Up About

With Christmas in our rear view mirror it’s no longer the time to get riled up about people saying, “Happy Holidays!” (or not saying it, depending on your point of view). The time has passed for berating our toxicly masculine radio station for playing Baby it’s Cold Outside. The hubbub with Kevin Hart has settled down and Adam Levine put his shirt back on.

If you’re like me and you can’t sit tight until the media tells you the next thing to get enraged about, then try this one on for size:

The Beloved Berenstain Bears are transphobic

Check out this book from 1974

In He Bear She Bear, only two genders are mentioned. Read this excerpt from the first page:

I see her. She sees me. We see that we are he and she.

Page two is not much better:

Every single bear we see is a he Bear or a she

Please spread the word so that this story can dominate the news cycle until we can find some dirt of Twitter’s past for an unsuspecting celebrity.

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