Mandela Effect #1

What is the Mandela Effect? If you aren’t already aware of the phenomenon by this name, it is described here.

Like many (possibly most) people, I have experienced this phenomenon myself. Here is one example:

I was reading an article about Bryan Adams in a magazine around the year 2003. I had a subscription to Rolling Stone magazine at the time, so that may have been the publication I was reading.

In the article, it stated that the song “Summer of 69” did not actually refer to the year 1969, but the sexual position. I don’t think this is disputed as Adams has said this in other interviews.

The weird part about the article, the Mandela Effect, if you will, was it stated something to the effect of, “Summer of 69 couldn’t be about the year because Bryan Adams wasn’t even born in 1969.”

I have told people this little trivia tidbit over the years. Only one problem – it’s apparently bullshit.

Imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when I said, “Okay Google, what year was Bryan Adams born?”

The answer: 1959.

I have not been able to find the interview I read, probably because there never was one. Why did I remember it this way?

That’s for the conspiracy theorists and experts in the field of memory to figure out.

I’m just a lowly sheep.

10 thoughts on “Mandela Effect #1

  1. I keep hearing & reading about this effect. I’ve never had it happen to me & I am not sure what make of it.

    That said, ask a street cop or a detective about witness memories. One event viewed by 10 people will render 10 different stories. Point of view, perspective & perception…

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  2. My old man is one of those who swears blind that he saw Mandela’s death in prison on the news back in the 80s. That and Febreze air freshener having an extra ‘e’ in in it’s name…

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  3. You Asked — ” Why did I remember it this way?”
    My Response — Do you have any other lost or broken memories of this magnitude? If not, then why would it be faulty memory since there is no other evidence that your memory is having issues? If so then it’s normal for you so why question it.
    I’ve researched the effect and found it to be real based on evidence so memory is not the issue from what I have researched.


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