Beer, Netflix, and Killers

Alcohol is a depressant. We all know that. There are shows on Netflix about demented killers.

Why mix the two?

Drunk and curious, I guess. Curiosity killed the cat. Curiosity makes us take that first sip of poison in the first place. Curiosity makes us want to know the gruesome details.

Watching killers get their fifteen minutes of fame on Netflix gives us a strange perspective of society that has never before been experienced in history.

We see a horde of points of view of those affected in a one hour program: the accused, the family of the accused, the family of the victim, the prosecution, the community.

Everyone except the victim.

If the victim is a believer in God, then he is safely chilling upstairs with his sunglasses on (to protect his eyes from the glare of all the diamonds and sapphires). He’s the lucky one.

Everyone else involved down here on the flat earth is suffering in their own personal hell.

I can’t make sense out of this. I won’t even try.

These Netflix programs have taught me one thing: If you associate with people who have tattoos on their neck, your chance of getting murdered increases exponentially.

7 thoughts on “Beer, Netflix, and Killers

  1. Netflix has got out of control with all of these killer docs period. Especially the biggest one :Ted Bundy. People have fallen in love with dude so much that they had to put out a statement.

    But if anything it questions the priorities of romance in society? If you’re looking for total obsession, adoration, and extreme mania mixed with narcissistic personality disorder, then Netflix has a roundup of killers for You! 😕

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    1. These True Crime things intrigue me. I grew up watching all the courtroom dramas like Matlock, Perry Mason, Law & Order. I have read quite a few John Grisham novels.
      I’ve never understood the fanatics that write to killers in prison, or get married to them. The recent wave of people getting horny for Ted Bundy was extremely weird, but when it comes to social media, nothing people post surprises me.


  2. I am always shocked at the stuff covered on HLN’s Forensic Files. I damn sure don’t want to watch that s*** as ‘entertainment’.

    So. The alcohol. Was that your consumption or the actors’?


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