Banned: Boxy Girls

This will be short and sweet. There is a new toy in town: Boxy Girl. I don’t have cable TV, so I didn’t see the ad for this toy until I turned on the TV at The Great Wolf Lodge.

“Shoes, bags, makeup, clothes,” the valley girl voice sings, to a tune reminiscent of Aqua’s Barbie girl.

It’s a Barbie doll knock-off, with an oversized emoji head, who un-boxes fashion handbags.

It’s a toy that teaches girls that shopping online for unnecessary products is, like, the coolest.

There is nothing to justify this toy’s existence. Everything about it says, “Be a sheep. Be a consumer. Be a stereotypical bimbo Barbie. Buy shoes. Buy clothes. Buy makeup.”

Make no mistake. This is not just a little creative idea for a new toy that someone came up with in a brainstorming session in some boardroom. This is an organized attempt to brainwash children to be consumers from an early age. To be truly vigilant, we should demand its complete destruction.

When I think, “We need to stop all unnecessary manufacturing,” this toy is a perfect example of where to start.

We need to do society a favour and bury this thing deeper in the ground than the E.T. Atari cartridges of 1983.

18 thoughts on “Banned: Boxy Girls

      1. Heartbreaking. I watched something once where a sweatshop worker in India couldn’t find affordable rent, so he slept on the floor of his workstation at the garment factory.


      2. It’s a referral to the Chris Thomas material. I maintain a static page on my site of his work. I post about it every Sunday. ‘Soul’s Choice’ means it is a soul’s choice to be born & when to die. Viewing another person’s life as tragic…well, every soul has a life path crafted for itself.

        His material is life altering…or shattering, depending upon point of view.

        I’m not trying to be vague. I just can’t explain everything in a comment section, hacking out letters on my stupidphone.

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