976 Piece Puzzle

Have you heard about bad, bad, Leroy Brown?  He messed with the wrong man and when they pulled him off the floor he “Looked like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone”.

Music is not your thing?  How about physics?  Do you think physicists will ever publish a theory that unites Gravity with the Weak Nuclear, Strong Nuclear, and Electromagnetic forces?  Maybe if they just had the missing pieces.  Do you have the number for CERN?  Maybe they already figured it out while we were looking at cat pictures.

Past events.  Did O.J. really kill Nicole and Ron?  If only the prosecution had the missing puzzle pieces to prove his guilt.  That’s a joke, folks.  They had a whole box of pieces and ultimately the majority of people, black and white, were convinced of his guilt.  That doesn’t mean we have a complete puzzle.  I would say only O.J. knows what happened that night, but unfortunately, he is not working with a full puzzle either.

The J.F.K. assassination.  Does anyone think we have the full picture of that event?  Not all of the pieces fit.  9/11.  Not all of the pieces fit.  Ancient monolithic structures.  The literal pieces fit too nicely, and thus we have more puzzles to solve.

Oh my GAWD, what is this post about?

Puzzles, dummy.  Couldn’t you tell from the title and all the puzzle references?

Of all the escape rooms, jigsaw puzzles, and unsolved mysteries, I have never encountered a puzzle greater than the puzzle of why.  Why the hell?  Why the fuck?  Why, why, why, why?

It’s like I have been given a 1,000 piece puzzle with 976 pieces and told to make it look pretty.  How can an INTJ-T (the T is for turbulent, can you tell?) stand back and look at a “jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone” and feel contentment?

Enter belief systems.  Belief systems are like the drugs they give you when you go to the dentist.  Even though someone just put his foot into your chest and ripped out your molars, you still feel great.  You feel so great that you’ll let anyone with a cellphone camera film you and put you up on YouTube.  Like the kid waking from the anesthetic, believers will tell you everything you want to know.  They will give you the missing 24 puzzle pieces if you will only have the patience to listen.

What if you’re so skeptical that you don’t believe the belief systems?  That gets messy.  Your puzzle starts to turn into a Salvador Dali, all droopy and distorted:

Here are three of my favourite systems designed to solve the puzzle once and for all:

  1. Religion.  Even though there are so many different religions, they all seem to profess the same idea.  A diety (or deities) more powerful than us have everything under control and if we do what they say we can avoid something bad and get something good.  It’s like Santa, except instead of toys he gives out virgins.  Chilling out upstairs in the land of Sapphires, eating candy canes for eternity sounds kind of boring, so my search continues…
  2. Reincarnation.  This one intrigues me.  I actually think there is a teensy-tiny bit of evidence to support this one, but since there is so much fake news out there, I have no clue.  Having given it some thought, my mind always correlates reincarnation back to the “standard model” of religion.  Heaven and hell.  If you’re good, you’ll get reincarnated as a lion, if you’re bad, a penguin.
  3. The Simulation Theory.  We’re all living in a simulation.  Like the movie, The Matrix.  It stands to reason that if we’re building more and more realistic simulations here on earth now, eventually we will build one so realistic that it will be indistinguishable from reality.  Once we can do that, it stands to reason that we would keep doing it (because that’s what humans do), and thus there would be one reality and multiple simulated realities.  If this already happened in the past, then there would be one reality and who-the-hell-knows how many simulated realities.  With the number of simulated realities far outweighing the number of realities, then odds are, we’re in one of the simulations.  Once again, this theory has swung back to the concepts in typical religion.  God as the simulation creator, and us as the components of the simulation.

They are all the same solution to the same puzzle, but the puzzle can never be complete unless you stop thinking about it.  The moment you apply critical thinking and logic to it, it falls apart.  That’s why the happiest people I know tell me to, “Stop thinking so damn much!

Imagine, like Methuselah, you live to be 969 years old.  Will you have solved the puzzle?  Probably not.  Will you be content?  I don’t know, but I think that going to Great Wolf Lodge and listening to pop music would have got pretty fucking boring by then.

So you’re super bored after 969 years.  You’ve tinkered in all of life’s weird perversions like bestiality and injecting shit into your lips.  You could pull a K.C. and put the old shotty in the mouth.  Roll the reincarnation dice and hope you come back as Charlize Theron and not Charlize Theron’s kid.  Unfortunately for you, if that’s the wrong belief system you might end up roasting marshmallows with Adolf down in the no-no place.

Like a 1,000 piece puzzle with only 976 pieces, this post is a very incomplete representation of what it was meant to be.  Like Methuselah, I am getting pretty frustrated trying to figure it all out.

That is why I want to know what y’all think.  We don’t really say y’all up here but I’m starting to like the way it sounds(See, Black Sheep isn’t always negative about everything, eh?).

So, if you have the time I’d love to hear your thoughts:

It’s a big question, but does anyone out there have a belief system that fills in the missing pieces?

16 thoughts on “976 Piece Puzzle

  1. Where do I start? Have you written a book yet? If not, with all due respect, I humbly suggest you start writing one. I want an autographed copy. Do I have a belief system that fills in the missing pieces? Probably not, but I am extremely happy and content in my life (not despite but because of what I write about). Years ago, when I was 15, I decided to eliminate everything negative in my life (including people), and to enjoy everything positive which could make me a better person. It worked and is still working.

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    1. Write a book? Thanks brohter, but I don’t know if my ideas can cohere into something of that size. I’m always all over the place. If I do put the pen to paper, you can have the first copy.

      Eliminating the negativity in life is very good advice. I am happy to hear that it has given you contentment. Does your research ever cause the negativity to creep in, or are you able to look at all the bad things (government corruption, etc) without it affecting you?

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      1. I am lucky enough to have reached a stage in my life where the corruption doesn’t affect me. I have done that by accepting the right of everyone to live their lives the way they want. However, I still feel offended when people mistreat or take advantage of others. I react by strongly denouncing the offense through all channels available to me and challenging the bullies, crooks and thieves. My mission in life is to find and destroy absurdity and oppression, fight ignorance and educate.

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  2. Feeling existential, today? I think everyone is🤓

    Salvador Dali, OMG, I remember looking at one of his works for hours, getting lost in his surrealism. I wonder what personality type he was?

    Penguins are resourceful creatures🐧

    My belief system that fills in my gaps is religion and education. I’m Christian but I look elsewhere for answers too. But I do that with everything in life. I research and come to my own conclusions.

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    1. Nothing against penguins, but I watched them taking their long, cold, journey on BBC’s Planet Earth and it looked excruiciating.

      Education. That’s a good one. I never thought of it as a belief system, but it totally is. In some ways I guess that would be my belief system too.

      Thanks for chiming in. Does the Chinese Zodiac rooster get along with the monkey? I haven’t looked it up, but it sure feels that way.


      1. Watching the “peng”(what my oldest calls them 😊) is kinda sad, you root for them cuz they’re the underdog.

        It’s always good to have education. I always loved school (except Math😜, numbers are a universal language I can’t grasp and I love learning languages).

        Yes, the Rooster and Monkey get along. According to how the Chinese zodiac originated, for the placemarkers for each animal, apparently Rooster, Goat, & Monkey worked together to get to The Jade Emperor’s Heavenly Gates. Wow!

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  3. I don’t really have any sort of belief system unfortunately. The only thing that keeps me sane is simply not paying too much attention to the things that are completely out of my control. I mean, I’m interested in conspiracies, current affairs and the quest for The Truth but I don’t see the point in over-thinking the big picture when most distressing/concering global and political events cannot be changed by us.

    Some may see that as being ignorant, priveleged or burying your head in the sand and they would probably be right. However, I think the best way to get on with your life is to remain aware of what is happening but not to devote too much mental energy or time to things that you have zero control over. Some people get so wound up and furious about things and all they have done is expend a load of valuable energy with nothing to show for it.

    As for religion, I don’t believe in any of it and might even do a post about it myself actually. I would never condemn or ridicule somebody for their beliefs but without any evidence, I simply don’t see blindly believing in mysterious deities to be a good thing. Relying on them for salvation and being able to blame happenings on your chosen god’s “will” seems like an act of avoidance and taking responsibility. Also, so many people only have their belief system because their parents did or because somebody told them it was correct at a young, impressionable age, drilling it into their mind. To me it’s the same as voting for a certain political party because that’s what your parents did or hating a neighbouring country for no other reason than because said hatred is ingrained in your own country.

    That’s just me though. I just can’t believe in things without hard evidence and religion seems to be a subject that gets away with not needing evidence.

    Apologies for the monolithic comment. I got carried away.


  4. No apology necessary. I like monoliths!

    I know what you’re saying about “tuning out” from distressing political events. I go in waves where I’m tuned into everything that’s going on in the news for, followed by a period of tuning out, to keep my sanity.

    Thanks for your two cents on religion. You should do a post on it sometime.
    I’d be very interested to get your take on it.


  5. Cool post 🙂

    This INTP loves this! I once got an extra piece with a jigsaw. That extra piece is in a frame now – it’s been framed! Ugh! No… don’t! Too late… did!

    The other day I saw that my fav escape the room game site had a new Tesshi-e… YAY… but it was glitchy af and I couldn’t play it, well I could but I was forever stuck in the room. That’s belief… at least it’s my perception of it at this time based on how the atom-collective known as me have decided to perceive in this moment, things may be unstable and prone to reorganisation.

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  6. First off, these pencil drawings (that don’t show up on the damn app), are they yours?

    Methuselah…interesting that you bring that guy up. 900+ years old. He lived back when we had more soul energy in our bodies and had longer life spans. The human life span is supposed to be 1,000-1,500 years…give or take.

    I “officially” don’t do religion. My mother’s mother nearly choked on it and my dad’s mother ignored it until she got close to the end, attending church to hedge her bets. My parents were religionless (is that a word?) but, my dad always referred to god as ‘the man upstairs’. I never could find his ‘stairs’. We have a creator but, it doesn’t require worship. Why would it? We are pieces of it so…(and I’m referring to our souls, not the bodies…that is a whole different subject).

    Reincarnation. Absolutely. 7,000 years worth. The Human Plan. Let’s, collectively, try and figure out Why The Hell we can’t keep our complete souls in our bodies. Damn. How hard can it be. Well…turns out, Earth’s resonance was too low. She fixed it and, now, “…waking up is hard to do…” esp. when that damn religion s*** is in the way. Or, worse, the channelings and the ‘ascension to the 5th dimension’ crap.

    Simulation? Not like the movies. Digital matrix? No. Many, many years and many, many lives in a knowledge-gathering expedition, which is where the ‘karma’ thing comes in. In gathering knowledge and learning lessons (just how human can we get), if we didn’t get the gist in one life, s*** can be carried forward to work out in the next. Or, worse, something so traumatic happened that after-effects show up in the next life (ex. in one of CT’s books, he recounts a case study of someone that came to him for healing; had all kinds of problems; turns out, the previous life, this guy had taken 10 days to die in a mine collapse; the trauma was so intense, it showed up in this life as actual, physical problems). The good news is, the plan ended Oct. 2011. Any soul coming in after that date, karma is over.

    As a side note, did I tell you that Lemuria and Atlantis actually existed?

    Regarding the reincarnation, it wasn’t random. It was carefully planned out. Unfortunately, at birth, we can’t remember any of that. There was, at one time, a rash of stories about little kids remembering their past lives but, I haven’t seen one of those in a while. The folks that have reintegrated their souls:

    I got an email from my group about a week ago. You may or may not believe in dowsing but, I’ve seen and read some extraordinary ‘real’ results. The amount of FS (full soul) humans has risen to 17 million. Can I, personally, verify that? Nope. I trust my group, tho. We came together, roughly, six years ago to research and two in my group know Chris Thomas, personally. He is/was the real deal. You won’t have a thriving psychic healing practice in Wales for 30+ years if you are a charlatan.

    Just my four cents…adjusted for inflation. Take it for what its worth to ya’.

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