McDonald’s Happy Meal Waste


If you’re an INTJ-T like me, you probably love LEGO.

If you love sodium and sugar, you probably love McDonald’s. After all, their slogan is “I’m lovin’ it.”

What was cool in 1986 (sorry millennials, before your time) was that Mickey D’s actually gave out LEGO sets. Check it out:

I believe they did this for a couple of years.

Fast forward to 2019. The LEGO Movie II has just come out in theatres. McDonald’s marketing department is on board. Get ready for some…

… useless plastic junk.

That’s right folks. Instead of giving us a bag of LEGO bricks that could be made into something and then added to our collection, we get this. A hinged, plastic molded, piece of garbage, with a golf pencil and some 1 inch square pieces of paper.

I am assuming the LEGO was too expensive or too much of a choking hazard.

Go fuck yourself McDonald’s. If you’re promoting the LEGO movie, give the kids some goddamn LEGO, not more landfill filler.


17 thoughts on “McDonald’s Happy Meal Waste

  1. I’m surprised that you are surprised. Functional toys went away a long time ago. Maybe they should have packaged mini iPads or something with a ‘picture’ of a Lego vehicle.

    Definitely expecting too much…

    Fuck off & peace out. I love it! 😆😎

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    1. I was surprised because I don’t go there that often. First I have to go through a tablet order screen like I’m Marty McFly in 2015. No cashier, just screens? Time to get the DeLorean and GTFO here. Peace.

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  2. Had the same disappointment over on this side of the pond too. Was hoping for a nice nostalgic lego set but instead got some bullshit that went straight into their own car park bins. Theres something very fucked up about the whole thing.

    Still, we stored up a load of the Pokemon toys from the last promo and flogged them all on ebay recently. Shame that all happy meal toys can’t be so saleable…

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  3. Thanks for a belly laugh at 7am. The sodium and sugar should be the least of the worries when one considers the mad cow disease, chicken flu and all the chemicals needed to make McDonald’s trash. Last time I went there was in 1992.

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  4. I travelled through a Spanish-speaking country with my dad many years ago and he tried to order me a McDonald’s “cajita feliz” (happy little box). Instead he asked for a “cacita feliz” (happy little poo). He may not have been far off because I can only remember one or two toys that were ever worthwhile. The rest were pretty pooey!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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  5. Happy meals used to be the BOMB!
    I remember being a teenager, and still getting those. The toys were sturdy, fun and creative.
    Now? They’re cheap, useless and not memorable at all.
    I think it’s really sad.
    McDonald’s used to be every kid’s dream. Now? Not so much.

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