5 Things Bloggers Say to Their Dog

“Nice doggy.”

“Yer my dawg.”

“Don’t be doin’ that.”

“I’m gonna gitchu dawg.”

“Ya don’t bite when ya kiss.”

What do you say to your dog?

I know, I know, you’re mostly cat people.

So, what do you say to your kitty?

17 thoughts on “5 Things Bloggers Say to Their Dog

      1. Not familiar with Super Troopers. 2001?

        ‘Wunkus’ (honestly, I’m making up the spelling) is a throwback to an ex-husband in the late 90s. When we met, he had a black & white calico named ‘Bunny’. The story he told me was, he originally named her Iggy (for Pop; he was a BIG fan; he was a Zappa/Rundgren/Iggy/Captain Beefheart fan), nicknamed her ‘Monkey’ and, somehow it changed to Bunny (?). Monkey moved into ‘Chunky Monkey’ to ‘Chunky Munkus’ to ‘Wunkus Munkus’ (go figure…too much Zappa in the headphones). Because my Oliver is a BIG boy (20 lbs. and has thumbs), ‘Wunkus’ came out one day and…20+ years later it stuck to him. He runs to me when I call him that. If I say ‘Ollie’, he knows he’s f***ing up.

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  1. We have a dog, her name is Sassy.
    “If you don’t stop lickin’ my baby!” (me constantly)

    “Sassy, stop following me around!” (my hubby words when she’s in heat)

    “Go sit down!”

    “Eat YOUR food and stop hanging around these kids!”

    “Let’s take H-E-R for a W-A-L-K…” (she takes off running to fetch her leash and barks cuz she’s in a hurry, but when we get out there all she does is mark territory)

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