Pit Bulls at the Throat of the Establishment

Have they ever said to you, “You better put that bitch on a leash”?

They have uttered it at us all, albeit not in the literal sense.  It’s a figurative leashing (or lynching) of our thoughts and ideas they desire.

Our thoughts and ideas are the bitch they wanna hitch. Hitch to a post and flog with a whip.  Too rabid.  Too dangerous.  Our dogs of thought must be put down, lest they become pit bulls at the throat of the establishment.

Who are the “they”?

They are “The Man”. The Mom and Dad. The seventh-grade teacher. The Pope and his preachers.  The guy who made Rosa sit at the back. The people who take certain books as fact. The pushers of agendas and collectors of tax.

They are the Democrats and Republicans.  The Colgate and Crest.  The East and the West.  The ones who argue what’s better, what’s best.  For us.

We need something new.  Let your ideas off the leash.


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