If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Don’t Say Anything At All

Lies are not nice.  I don’t think we should tell them.

Some academics and historians don’t share this view.  Like rogue cops planting evidence to clear cases, some scholars like to claim they know whodunnit for the ancient structures on the planet.

The most well known ancient megalithic structure is the Pyramid of Giza.  Everyone has heard the story that slaves (or by other accounts, volunteers) quarried, cut, moved, and placed millions of gigantic rocks using primitive tools, creating one of the most spectacular monuments on the planet.

How did they do it?  Recent studies where “miniature” sleds were pulled through wet sand “proved” that a hieroglyph showing a pitcher of water being poured on the ground was not, in fact, a ceremonial gesture, but the practical way in which they moved the stones.  Case dismissed.

Horseshit.  Bullshit.  Shit.  Shite.

Sorry, let me open my mind a little bit.  After all, I’m not a closed minded sheep.  Sure, the science is sound that small droplets of water suspended in the sand could reduce friction if the appropriate sand to water ratio was achieved, but…

Until the university that conducted this study quarries, cuts, and moves an enormous block across wet sand and lifts it way up in the air using only Fred Flintstone’s toolbox, I call… you guessed it… bullshit!

When I say an enormous block, I mean really huge.  Let’s forget about Egypt for a second and take a field trip over to Lebanon.  The ruins at Baalbek.  Check them out:

The largest stone here is an estimated 1600 tonnes.

Do people really think the builders of this structure rolled thousand-tonne blocks on logs for a kilometre, pulling away on jute rope, splashing water in the sand, ultimately heaving the massive things up 30 feet in the air?

Did I mention that no one has ever duplicated any of these amazing feats in modern times?

It would be nice to know who built these structures.  It would be nice to know how they did it.  It would be nice to see it demonstrated in modern times.  But we don’t know.  And we can’t demonstrate it.  So, to the historians, scholars, and academics, I have a message for you:

If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

15 thoughts on “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Don’t Say Anything At All

  1. You know that CT material I keep referring to? Guess who built the pyramids, big stone structures & Stonehenge?

    We did. We used to be more than we are now. Telepathic, telekinetic, we could trans & bi-locate… We are mere shadows of what we once were. We are trying to find our way back but, there has been a great deal of interference. And, the Ancient Aliens nonsense isn’t helping.

    I’m not kidding in the slightest.

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      1. “I understand the laws of weight and leverage and I know the secrets of the people who built the pyramids”…

        Coral Castle. He knew. He was a guy with advanced abilities much like Chris Thomas. He worked at night (less prying eyes which bring about questions & cameras in face). No mystery there.

        Chris could read the Akashic, remote view, scan the human body like an MRI, watched souls come into babies in utero and could heal a body energetically. Ever heard of the healers in the Philippines (or Malaysia…I forget) that could do surgery without tools or anesthesia? They matched the frequency of the body and put their hands in. Chris stated that he wasn’t fond of that method so he worked a different way.

        Ancient Aliens has grains of truth wrapped up in Hellyweird fluff.

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      2. I agree the show Ancient Aliens adds a lot of fluff. The longer that show went on the worse it became.

        I would be interested in how your journey led you to the Chris Thomas stuff. I want to check out his stuff, but on the surface he seems like a lot of other self-professed magic men selling books on the internet. How can I know if he is the real deal? What is it about him specifically that drew you in?


      3. At least Giorgio is entertaining. And, the Annunaki do exist, they just aren’t our “creators” or “masters” or “teachers” or anything else like that. They want us off the planet.

        My journey…hmmm… That would have to begin in early 2009 when I was living in Texas and started yoga. My first teacher was older than I am and didn’t do yoga to have great pix posted on Instagram. It wasn’t an exercise program to her. It was a way of life. I learned a LOT from her regarding the body and yoga’s history. I haven’t found a teacher like her, yet. She was hardly religious (neither am I) but, she had this glowing spirituality about her.

        All of that lead me into researching meditation, chakras, mudras, healing modalities, breath work… In the middle of all that, I got very sick with chemical exposure (a very long story). I had to go on medical leave from my job for nearly two months. I was weak and went thru a liver detox that knocked me further on my ass. I couldn’t do any yoga for a long while and, as I was convalescing, I listened to a lot of radio. That’s when I discovered Coast to Coast AM. I was a devoted listener for three years. I learned a lot. I followed leads.

        I moved back to NC in May 2011. I began to wean myself off of an anti-depressant I had been on since October 1990 (I’m not kidding) and, by October 2011, I was off. Then, I started seeing the numbers (I mentioned to you, earlier). By August 2012, I made contact with a lady psychic that I heard interviewed on C2CAM. She rocked my world. I wanted to understand what she had told me. More research. Websites. Forums. Podcasts. I bought an Icke book. My dad had been fascinated with Edgar Cayce. Researched him. It just went on and on.

        I read & listened to Wilcock. Read Cameron Day. Read John Lamb Lash. Dug into the Dead Sea Scrolls. I learned about terms like “Ascension” & “Archons”. One day, I was digging around on the Project Avalon forum and found a post on Chris Thomas’ material. You want to talk about radical…cutting right to the point…explaining SO many things. Ever have ‘Ah-HA!’ moments when things, unexpectedly, fall into place? Have you ever gone searching for something, not really knowing what it is you are looking for?

        Is he the real deal? Well, I can tell you that he had a successful psychic healing practice in Wales for 30+ years. You don’t stay in business doing such things for 30+ years if you are a charlatan. I personally know a man & his wife that live about 45 minutes from Chris & his wife Di and went to them for healing. Mind-blowing doesn’t even begin to cover it. He wasn’t crazy expensive. He just had the ability to help and, according to my friend, his fees were modest.

        He really had no intention to write books. It was his patients that talked him into his first healing book (1998). He followed that up with ‘The Journey Home’ (1998), his first attempt to share human history that he had researched during his healing practice and via his connection to the Akashic (something he discovered at the age of seven, tho, he didn’t really know what it was that he was hooked into…how does one explain knowing things that no seven year old should know?).

        He is in a wheelchair, now (multiple attacks). His books are very hard to get. He never could get Amazon to stock his books (tho, they WILL take a cut of the profits from the used ones that show up for outrageous prices) and one of the two Welsh companies that had contracts for print went out of business after being bought out by an American company. The other company was a family business and, when the owner died, the family turned the internal printing functions over to a third party. They ‘print on demand’ instead of ‘having existing stock’ so, it takes FOR-EVER to get your order. I’ve battled with them, myself.

        I’ve been studying his material since October 2013 (October is a very powerful month for me) and I belong to a group of others that do the same. We are dotted all over the planet…

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      4. Physically & psychically. Our government went after him. Chris *was* a very powerful psychic. He could remote view and he knew when he was being remote-viewed. He was “viewed” and didn’t take kindly to the intrusion. He followed the “viewer(s)” back to place of origin. It was an underground base (ours) and he sent a “charge” or an energy pulse to the location. He just wanted to stop them from viewing him. He did some damage, unintentionally. It wasn’t long after that, that he woke up with a hypodermic needle in his arm. His home was invaded & he was injected with a cancer-causing agent that would have killed him in six weeks with a rare form of liver cancer. He healed himself and learned that he had “rattled some cages”. He continued to write and discovered/uncovered several things that many would like to keep secret… The more he honed his skills reading & researching the Akashic, the bigger threat he became.

        What got him injured past the point of him being able to heal himself completely was getting into an area of the Akashic that covered the history of a race of beings that the Ancient Aliens show talks about. The Annunaki are but one group of six. The entire race is called the Velon (mentioned several times in my posts…my most recent one). As Chris didn’t like being remote-viewed, the Velon didn’t like anyone poking around in their part of the Akashic. At their peak, there were 22 billion of them and they parked their butts outside of our solar system around 1700 Earth time. Imagine, if you will, what would happen to a human body if a large number of Velon, collectively, came after someone in a psychic manner. They nearly killed him. He is, now, being looked after by another race of beings that have been here since the beginning of our solar system. They are geneticists and they have, in a way, rebuilt some of his parts.

        Why can’t they heal him totally? Constant Velon interference. He has told all of us not to wish him well or pray or send positive thoughts as the energy of our intentions, however good, can be twisted by the Velon to damage him further. My group has even attempted to send money but, he & his wife refused the assistance. They have very little need for “western society comforts”. My friend & his wife that are close by check in on them often.

        In the middle of all of that, he can’t get back into the Akashic. Every time he tries, he gets a migraine. They really messed him up.

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      5. Wow. That’s a lot of info. I will need to check into some of this stuff for myself. I’m on a pyramid/ancient architecture kick right now, but soon enough I will switch gears and will need a new rabbit hole to go down.

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  2. I agree with the premise that the closer we look, the clearer it becomes that something very strange was going on and that someone knew way more than we know now.

    We moderns think we’re such hot stuff, don’t we?

    In Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods, there’s a character who calls the Giza pyramids “a machine to make people ask questions.” Whatever else they are, they are certainly that.

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    1. Someone is lending me Magicians of the Gods by Graham Hancock, and I’ve read Gold of the Gods by Erich von Daniken.

      Obviously there is endless reading on this subject!

      The more I look into these structures, the more I realize that although the pyramid gets the most attention, it is not the most difficult to build (just my opinion).

      These rocks certainly do get some people asking questions. Others seem okay to insert head into sand.

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