Freight Trains on Reality Planes

It’s presumedly our eyes and our brain that conjure up some sort of reality for us to participate in.

Some claim to be on a different plane of reality where they can see and do the miraculous.

Others believe this whole construct we call reality is just a simulation.  A computer program we’re all stuck in.

When we dream we enter yet another plane of reality.  Are our actions in the dream affecting some other dimension, or are we essentially just hallucinating?

These are very good existential questions, but some of us simply don’t care.  Some humanoids are “on the night train” and they’re ready to crash and burn”.

They go through life “loaded like a freight train” and always taking on more cargo.  Their baggage is compartmentalized and loaded behind them like “a load of iron ore twenty-six thousand tons more” then they weigh when empty.

They walk among us like “passing trains that have no name”.

At first, they’re on autopilot.  The “rhythm of the rail is all they feel”.  As more baggage is loaded and more coal is thrown into the fire, they realize they’re on a “runaway train.  Never coming back”.

The rail beneath them is their plane of reality.  They don’t operate the switch.  Switching tracks is reserved for The One-Percenters, The Annunaki, the Illuminati, The New World Order, The White Man, The Man Behind the Curtain, or The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  The average meat-suited consciousness is stuck on course, like, well, like they’re on rails.

The average bi-pedal automaton is going “the wrong way on a one-way track”.  If left unchecked they will “be going off of the rails on a crazy train”.

That’s why I won’t be hearing any new Chris Cornell albums.  K.C. won’t be getting lyrically raped (again. By a friend). And he’s “not the only one”.  Scotty Weiland won’t be “flyin’ like an aeroplane” anymore and Amy Winehouse won’t be “feelin’ like a space brain”.

The list goes on, but why?  These people had cash in their pockets.  Isn’t the almighty dollar what we’re taught to attain from the time we emerge from our placental cocoons?

I know my freight train runs on the coal of pathetic paper bills.  So how come Phillip Seymour Hoffman is sleeping on a bed made out of solid gold every night and then suddenly sticks a lethal dose in his arm?

Maybe the movie The Discovery can help us answer that.  Spoiler alert.  A scientist discovers proof that the afterlife is real so people start blowing themselves away.  They want to get off this reality plane so badly they can’t wait for a natural death.

Are people feeling the pressure of an overloaded steam engine like the one in Back to the Future III?  Are people tired of riding on the rails of this reality?  Is it the baggage of a life lived that’s weighing them down?

What follows is a little bedtime story about a man “who had gone five hundred miles” on the “magic carpet made of steel”.  His freight train had been picking up steam for years.  You be the judge of what happened.  You might not want to read this one to the kiddies.

David Crowley was an Iraq veteran with a plan to make a controversial film set in a dystopian future where civil liberties had been completely eroded.  The film would be a warning about what could happen if the federal government continued unchecked in its procurement of unrestrained power (would another “train gaining speed” reference be too much here?)  He secured funding to make the film and began production.

Five years later David, his wife, and young daughter were found in a grisly scene complete with bloody messages smeared on walls.  An apparent murder-suicide conducted by David as his freight train derailed and took out two innocent people with it.

Maybe it was a shadow government conspiracy to halt the release of the film, Gray State.  Maybe it was just the PTSD David contracted while murdering other sentient beings in the desert.  I guess I’ll never know.  All the internet research in the world is not going to get me to the truth.  Besides, trains don’t run on seeking the truth.  They’re just “mean machines drinkin’ gasoline” and as long as they’ve got “one chance left in a nine live cat” they’re always gonna do what they do best:  “crash and burn”.

***Special thanks to GNR, Ozzy, Willie, Gord, Kurt and Soul Asylum for all the great lyrics referenced in this post***


19 thoughts on “Freight Trains on Reality Planes

  1. Hey. Loved all the music references. Clearly, trains have captured the modern imagination in a big way. They are so big, so powerful. They carry you away or else flatten you. Sort of like modern materialism and determinism.

    Human beings can’t function without believing that 1) Reality is out there, and 2) We are capable of discovering it, interacting with it, and influencing it in meaningful ways.

    Just because we are creatures who perceive reality in a certain mode, through a certain type of mind and certain physical senses, does NOT mean that we are not perceiving it at all. Nor does it mean that the impressions we receive from our senses cannot be called true perceptions.

    We have to consider the possibility that the minds and bodies we have were actually designed to exist in this particular reality and to interact with it.

    If you discount any information that is mediated by either your mind or your senses, you’re up shit creek. You won’t have any evidence that anything exists except yourself … and you won’t even be 100% sure that you are a discrete entity. That way lies paralysis, depression, madness.

    Just my two cents.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback!

      Trains are fascinating. I’m still not sure how we build a railroad from coast to coast within ten years in the 19th century. I am looking into it.

      Our physical senses are nice, but it’s been proven that they deceive us. Many people are suggesting we have additional senses (i.e. awakening the pineal gland and having e.s.p. or telekinetic abilities). I will believe it when I see it. It may help to explain some of the unknowns in human history.

      I probably am on my way to paralysis, depression, and madness but I choose this path because the alternative is plugging my ears, covering my eyes, and ignoring the truth.

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  2. How was it proven that our senses deceive us? I’m guessing it was proven using sensory data plus some kind of mental activity. If you believe that we can find errors, then you still believe that real knowledge is possible.

    Sure, the nature of our being can cause distortions in perception. But the fact that we can look out for these just underlines how it’s still a perfectly adequate vehicle for apprehending reality.

    When you come right down to it, whether or not you believe in the existence of reality, including the possibility of knowledge and of human agency, is just a choice we have to make. If you choose to radically doubt these things, nothing can convince you. But they are a critical starting point. Speaking as someone who believes reality does exist, I don’t find the natural limitations of our mode of perception to be an adequate reason to doubt it.

    Here’s hoping you won’t fall off the nihilistic cliff. For what it’s worth, I believe that you actually exist. I even believe you have a wife and kids and live in Canada. And I’m praying for you.


    1. How do you know I exist? I could just be a bot, some kind of AI developed by CSIS…

      About our senses deceiving us – there are books and documentaries that could explain it better than I, but basically it has to do with our brains filling it information about our environment that is for our convenience, but not necessarily factually correct. Optical illusions, essentially.

      Thanks for your prayers. I prayed once not to run out of gas, and it worked, so maybe there is something to it. Or maybe the tank always had enough gas. It’s like that tree falling in the forest. We will never know if it made a sound.

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  3. Well, at the risk of sounding flippant, I was going to say that I don’t believe you are an actual black sheep. I think you are human. 😉

    I’m a linguist. I’ve read “Categories and the Mind” and “Women, Fire and Dangerous Things” by George Lakoff. (I’ve even heard him speak. It was fun.) So I know that our minds work from scripts, and that when something comes along that is unexpected, the mind either “fixes” it, or fixates on it, or else … we laugh. Still, it’s a long way from that to concluding that the entire outside world is a script created by our minds for our convenience. If it is, I must protest. If my mind was going to create an illusory world for me to live in, I’d like it to be a lot better than this one.

    I would also expect it to be a world where I never get surprised and never make mistakes. I don’t see how we can be surprised by anything, or really learn anything, if it’s all just a mental/sensory construct.

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    1. I’ve come to terms with the fact that every construct we come up to explain reality seems far-fetched from God N Jesus to the Big Bang to the Simulation Hypothesis.
      I think that if reality was a mental construct, we could still be surprised and make mistakes. It would be like a dream in that way.
      Have you ever watched (or read) The Matrix? Just curious.

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      1. Watched, not read.

        In The Matrix, the simulation is not being created by Nemo’s individual mind. It’s being generated and controlled by someone else. That is, in part, what makes it possible for him to get outside of it.

        If all of reality is generated just by your own individual mind, it should always make sense to you and you should never be surprised by anything. You should never bump your shin in the dark.

        If you posit that all of reality is being created by either one big mind *other* than our own (i.e. God), or else some kind of social/group mind, you have at least partially given up the notion that our individual minds act as such a strong filter that we cannot receive any real information from anything outside our own heads. At the very least, our experiences are limited by the nature of the group mind. That means we are coming into contact with something real, outside of ourselves (namely other selves).

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      2. This is good food for thought.

        If reality is all in our minds, why should our minds create a reality that “always makes sense”? Bumping the shin could just be part of the experience. Surprise could just be an electrical or chemical reaction that happens for no reason at all.

        I don’t happen to believe that, but I can’t deny that it is possible. I happen to beleive I am coming into contact with other beings. I think you are real, even though I have never seen or heard you.


      3. Just realized I made the funniest mistake ever, calling Neo, Nemo. (Of course, it’s not really a mistake … our minds create reality, so if I say it’s Nemo, then by gum it’s Nemo.)

        You are right. Technically, there is absolutely no way to prove that our entire experience, including mistakes and unknowns, is not being generated by our own minds. That’s why I said “that way lies madness.” If you follow the trail to the end, the only thing you REALLY know exists, is yourself. And you are, essentially, God, controlling all of reality. But possibly not in control of your own control of it. Which is hell. So, yay!, we’ve arrived at solipsism and then nihilism in about 10 seconds.

        That’s why I said above (and you said right here) that believing in reality outside of ourselves is a choice we make.

        Having decided to believe that something besides myself exists, here is my explanation for why in dreams, we make mistakes and encounter scary and unknown things: Our minds have been formed by the experience of living in a world where these things happen. In fact, one of our main cognitive tasks is to figure out how to deal with the unknown. We use our dreams to work on this stuff.

        I am glad you choose to believe I exist. It’s much more fun that way. Otherwise, it would be me having fun talking about reality with another actual person on the Internet, but, poor you, having the pointless and boring experience of talking to yourself inside your own head.

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      4. I noticed you said Nemo, but I wasn’t sure if it was another pesky Mandela effect, and that perhaps I had remembered it wrong all along.

        I’m not that familiar with nihilism and solipsism but Jordan Peterson talks about nihilism all the time, so it’s on my list of things to dive into.

        Don’t worry, I experience talking to myself all the time and it’s more fun than you think!

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  4. You missed “Midnight Train to Georgia”. 🤓

    There is a reason why the Catholic Church made suicide a sin. It’s actually just releasing the soul from our ‘meat suits’ to use a Supernatural (TV) reference.

    Everyone is stressed to the max, me included. I blog because it is something to do that makes me feel useful. I’m stuck & I can’t move so, I have a LOT of anger issues.

    I love your posts. You cut through the bulls***.

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  5. I’ve been having similar thoughts when I play my video games or watch a movie or remember a dream. Any of those situations is reality-like, so how can I be sure my life is the end product? Then, I remember that it doesn’t make any difference, anyway…

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      1. Well, yeah! But, I see the ultimate reality as something beyond consciousness… that is a “wrapper” for R4 space and imperceptible by any instruments we could create but with way better WiFi…

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