It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

The hair of the dog is curing my ills.

Two beers into a Friday morning and the hangover is all but gone.  I’m ready to write, but about what?

Nonsense.  BS.  Go introspective or go political?  Go down a rabbit hole, or write a silly poem?  Drink beer and don’t write at all?  It don’t matter, so I check the news.

Here are the Canadian headlines:

  • Priest stabbed during morning mass at Montreal’s St.Joseph’s Oratory
  • China has stopped buying Canadian Canola Seed Oil
  • Wilson Raybould to provide emails, texts and written statement on SNC-Lavalin affairs

Boring stuff.  Yesterday there was news about quantum particles.  Particles moving faster than light.  The stuff of the future.

The stories today are the stuff of the past.  Basic instincts.  Violence and greed.  Government scandal.

Here’s another “news story”:

  • Video captures gunman firing from sunroof of moving car

No one was hurt in the incident.  Boring.  Hardly even a story.  It makes me want to go watch the priest stabbing that was recorded on live stream (Don’t worry, the priest is in stable condition).

I find it hard to believe that in a country of thirty-seven million people, these are our top news stories.

It makes me wonder what’s going on behind the scenes while our news media outlets copy and paste the “biggest” stories from one source to another.

Here’s another story:

  • Truck driver who caused the Humbolt Broncos crash to be sentenced today

This is a sad one.  A year ago, a truck driver plowed through an intersection and hit a bus that was transporting a hockey team of kids.  Sixteen people lost their lives.  In the days and weeks following the tragedy, there was an outpouring of support in Canada.  People were leaving hockey sticks on the front stoop of their houses to show support, a symbolic gesture akin to flying a flag at half-mast.

My condolences to the victims.  Kudos to the media.  Not since Michael Jackson biting the dust did they have a story that could be run on all channels and social platforms for days on end.

There was something unfair about it though.  The weight of the coverage was disproportional to the story itself.  Sure, it was about kids.  We can sympathize with that.  And yes, it was about hockey.  Nothing gets a Canadian interested in a story like hockey.  But, do you know what wasn’t in the nightly news in the week following the Humbolt crash?  This wasn’t:

Five days after the Humbolt Bronco’s bus crash, our nation was jumping online to order Humbolt Bronco’s jerseys by the case-load so citizens could show their support in public, by wearing the jersey of a team they never heard of.  I wonder what percentage of those people were actually showing empathy, and what percentage were jumping on the latest bandwagon that their online shepherds told them to (10-year challenge, anyone?  Cinnamon challenge?  Tide Pod challenge?)

Meanwhile, in Algeria, a place that apparently no one cares about, two-hundred and fifty people died.  A plane full of dead Algerian military men and their families just wasn’t juicy enough to make the news.

I mean no offence to the victims of the Saskatchewan crash.  I do mean to offend the posers who clamoured for Instagram likes by waving the “sticks out for Humboldt” flag (#HumboldtStrong).

Most certainly, I do mean offence to the media, who like to run the same story for weeks on end, copying and pasting across all their conglomerates, while real news is happening that will never be reported on.

Rest in peace Broncos.  Rest in peace Algerians.  Peace.


10 thoughts on “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

  1. Good Afternoon Sheep🍎
    Media posts what they want in the free world; just when you think you have their algorithm figured out, they switch up. High drama, violent drama, may be one or two soft fluff pieces about animals or kids doing humanitarian work then right back to the “entertainment”.
    Comedian Tone Bell made a good point about the news, he said (and I’m paraphrasing🤓) that it was a giant reality show

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re so right.

      Reporters in every town used to go out and get the story. Now they just copy from the upstream source. The stories are all the same across all the news sites. All the stories are, as you said, reality-show fluff pieces.

      “Will Jennifer Lopez use a Cheating Clause in Her Prenup with Alex Rodriguez” IS NOT NEWS!!!

      Queue cat videos…


      1. OMG yesss!!

        People have become so obsessed with celebrities and their personal business that they feel ENTITLED to know everything. Most of the time, any “news” leaked about said celebrity is to bait publicity, it’s not true yet the media makes it priority. It’s the same with music.

        Ever wonder why the same damn 10 songs are played around the clock? 😠

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