Mandela Effect #2

Jose Canseco was a big name in baseball when I was growing up. The Oakland A’s were a dominant team for a few years and Canseco was one of their most feared hitters.

Then one year, late in his career he was traded to my beloved Blue Jays. It was 1998. The weird part is, I only know this from looking back in time at the roster. I have no recollection of him playing for my team at the time. I was shocked to find out he ever did play for he team. This is especially weird since he hit a career high 46 home runs that year.

Why don’t I remember one of the most iconic hitters of the time playing for my favourite team and hitting the most home runs of his career (and the most for the Blue Jays that year)?

Beats me. That’s why it’s called a Mandela Effect.

7 thoughts on “Mandela Effect #2

      1. Just kidding. Your post reads a little tongue in cheek. Maybe you didn’t intend that.

        I’m not a follower of the Mandela thing. I like Mandalas, tho…very Fibonacci.

        A lot of folks are into the ‘time streams’ and ‘multiple timelines’ and ‘multiple realities’ and ‘matrix’ and ‘simulations’…nah.

        As far as ‘competing’ memories on historical references, I get right back to the old saying…history is written by the victors, therefore, much of it is untrustworthy to begin with. Human memories (local ones to the brain) are fallible. Past life memories (you know, all that ‘junk’ DNA floating around in you) is set in stone. Once something happens and it is recorded, that’s it.

        As far as I am concerned, the Mandela thing is nothing more than faulty human memories…or worse, a deliberate attempt to confuse people & keep them distracted. If everyone is arguing about the spelling of a bear cartoon or if the damn Earth is flat, they aren’t paying attention to the REAL s*** that is going on.

        Didn’t mean to offend.

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      2. I wasn’t offended, don’t worry.
        I call them Mandela Effects, but that’s not really what they are. The Mandela Effect is really about false memories shared by many people.
        These are just my own faulty memories.
        I also have a story about a beer can that popped out of thin air, but if you don’t believe the Jose Canseco thing, there’s no way you will believe this. I’ll save it for a future post.


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