Nice Guy (A Poem)

The True North,
Strong, free.
Knock us around,
On trade, (free).
Big boy, big dick.
Can you see me mommy?
Caution cone orange.
How could you not?
Ice Hockey, sure,
That they’ve got.
But nice? No way!
They’re not what you thought.
They’re mean, not nice.
They had to be taught.
By me, mommy, me!
The great big cheese.
Extra cheddar and carrots please!
Sure, we love,
Their O Beautiful song.
Sure, they’re our neighbors.
We should get along.
We should be close,
Like brethren.
But mommy,
I never learned much,
In kindergarten.

16 thoughts on “Nice Guy (A Poem)

      1. That is a sad, sad statement. He wasn’t all that fascinating when he was a Hellyweird darling. When he got the nomination, I was shocked. What? Him or HRC? Are you f****** kidding me? I don’t like him and I SURE as hell don’t like her. 🙄😖

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      2. I thought he was fascinating when he was on The Apprentice. I used to watch that show all the time. It was funny how nasty him and Ivanka were to the contestants.
        Once I heard on the radio that he was running for the Republican candidate, I knew he would get elected. People love a celebrity. That’s the same reason we have Trudeau up here.
        You never have much of a choice in politics, but I think DJT is close to the worst choice ever.


      3. Worst choice EVER? Oh, boy…*facepalm*


        I’ve already declared that I don’t like him but, he was a necessary small bullet (make all the jokes you want over that comment) compared to the gi-HUGIC elephant gun shotgun shell we would have taken up the a$$ with HRC.

        In my lifetime, LBJ was the WORST Prez we’ve had…you know, the same guy that had a hand in the murder of JFK & ramped up Vietnam (soldiers can’t take piss in a latrine without my permission). The 2nd worst was GHW Bush, you know, the same guy that had a hand in the murder of JFK & the assassination attempt on Reagan. He was a$$hole buddies with the Dulles brothers, you know, the MKULTRA architects. The 3rd worst was W, you know, the guy that helped to engineer 9/11, buttf***** everyone with the Patriot Act/DHS and bombed the middle east with depleted uranium (and stole ancient artifacts from museums like the nazis stole from Jews). There was a radiation cloud that was tracked from that area that made it all the way to Britain. The readings were HIGHER than that of Chernobyl. The 4th worst was the Obamanation (what an apropos tagline), you know, the guy that CONTINUED W’s war in the middle east tho promised to end it…the guy who buttf***** an entire nation with an Unconstitutional healthcare (let’s pass this so we can find out what’s in it) leviathan debacle that NO ONE can afford (and hasn’t improved anyone’s health), you know, the guy with the fake birth certificate & the Columbia records no one can find, the guy who illegally attacked Libya & got folks killed in Benghazi, had fun with Fast & Furious gun running, doubled the national debt (something the previous 43 Prezs had taken 225+ to do), used the IRS to attack his detractors (something that Nixon did but, Obama was applauded for the same bad behavior), divided the nation along racial lines (with the help of that racist bitch wife of his) and was the most ‘vacationing on the taxpayer dime’ Prez. Then, there was Nixon. Everyone holds him up as the poster boy for worst Prez but, even FDR (not my lifetime & beyond the scope of my rant) was worse than he EVER was. FDR stripped the nation of gold & unhinged our currency from its stability. Nixon only took us off of Bretton-Woods. THEN, there was (I did not have sexual relations with that woman) Clinton. WJ’s presidency was somewhat lackluster compared to his peers but, DAMN…he & that freak wife of his…PEDOPHILE CENTRAL. Then, there is dumbass Carter. Reagan would have been a better Prez had GHWBush hadn’t brought him under control (Reagan did NOT want him as VP but, was forced). Ford…a benign fellow that will be remembered only for pardoning Nixon & not being able to walk a straight line.

        Trump the worst ever? Please. There were much worse prior to JFK (the last good Prez we had…and look what happened to him).


      4. I didn’t say “worst choice”, I said “close to the worst choice”. And I meant close to worst choice in the last election, not worst president of all time (only history can determine that).
        Nice list of bad presidents. I can’t say for sure I agree with everything there, but some I do for sure.
        It’d be interesting to make a list of the best ones.


    1. It ain’t just the US. Brits think the same of May and plenty of French think the same of Macron. And, I have Canadian friends unimpressed with pretty, party-boy Trudeau (their words). We hardly hold the corner on the market of bad leadership. I’m far from being a Trump fan but, crooked HRC would have been much worse.

      We really didn’t have a choice.

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      1. I would take Palin (Governor of Alaska) over a Community Organizer out if S***cago, a crooked businessman, a (suicide my enemies) pedophile or a reckless Navy man who got people killed on board the USS Forrestal & got himself captured (due to being a poor pilot and sang like bird at the expense of fellow inmates). Read up on what the bastard did to his first wife.

        Yeah. I’d take Palin in a heartbeat. My cousin in Alaska knows her, personally…and, she isn’t how she has been portrayed in the fake news MSM.

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      2. NO, NO, NO…no more Trumps, please! 😖

        I don’t vote. It doesn’t matter. Voter fraud is thru the roof. Besides…show me a really good Prez that would be good for the nation & I will show you a dead Prez…or one nearly assassinated…or one where their family is threatened.

        All governments are at the mercy of corporate interests.

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