Fascinations (Fascist-nations?)

Yesterday I was asked why I am so fascinated with the honourable presidente Donald John Jackass Trump.  So I thought about this for a while.

I concluded that it’s not just me.  The whole world is fascinated.

It’s not the only time the world has taken notice.  We were fascinated when George “Dubya” was going around telling the world to ignore any strange conspiracy theories and just bomb the middle east already.  We were fascinated when Sarah Palin nearly became vice president, even though we weren’t sure if she actually went to high school.  We were fascinated by them all.  When Elizabeth Warren drank a beer live on New Year’s Eve it was fascinating in the way a car wreck is fascinating.

But there were those eight years when we could all take a break from staring at the TV with our mouths open wide in disbelief.  Obama was elected.  Not on the promise to build a giant eyesore on the US southern border, but on the promise of hope and change.  He could speak in full sentences.  He tried to maintain relations with other countries, not tear them down.  He tried to get health care for all.

Did he do all he promised?  Of course not.  He’s a politician.

Politicians are like magicians.  They make money disappear down the toilet.  They make interns disappear under their desks.  Somehow they can turn cheques written to pornstars turn into invisible tax returns.

Maybe that’s the fascination.  We want to see what trick they’re going to do next.

We have fascinating stories up here too.  A few years back we had the crack-smoking Mayor of Toronto.  Complete with video evidence and an admission of guilt.  Now his brother is running the province of Ontario.

And in the interest of fairness, tomorrow I will set my sights closer to home, and tell you a story about The Great Doug Ford’s dumbest idea ever.


5 thoughts on “Fascinations (Fascist-nations?)

  1. Brilliant post. I did a double take when I read the mild complaint about the post where president Cheetos was mentioned. The automatic warning light began flashing “MAGA stable genius”, as I wished everyone would remember the words of Albert Einstein “: “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

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