Tsingtao (A Poem)

It’s ˈchiŋ-ˈdau̇, phonetic-ally

That’s Ching-Dow, En-gle-lish-ly

T is for Ching, alpha-bet-ic-al-ly

F is for Friday, here fin-al-ly

R is for rhyming, pain-ful-ly

But Tsing takes away the pain, you see

The Tsing lives in a bottle that’s green

Brewed and bottled in Qingdao


The liquor got in my system


11 thoughts on “Tsingtao (A Poem)

  1. Putting phonetic notation in a poem makes this linguist’s heart melt.

    Not to mention rhyming Somehow with Tsingtao.

    Not to mention writing a catchy poem about a beer.

    I studied Mandarin for a few weeks once. The t’s, ts’s, ch’s, and sh’s really picked my pocket. Seems to be about a dozen of each. Did you get a Chinese friend to explain the pronunciation?

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