Weird Coincidence #2

Weird coincidences keep happening to me. My buddy, who is a math teacher, says it is all just the mathematical odds playing out.

I’m not always so sure.

Do you think the universe reveals things to us serendipitously, or are the things that happen to us just due to mathematical chance?

Weird Coincidence #2

Back in March, I told you about Weird Coincidence #1.  For the sake of brevity, I won’t rehash it here.  The important part of the story to remember was that after my buddy’s pizza was carried vertically and all the toppings slid down, he folded that pizza in half and made it into a panzerotti.

If you haven’t seen the movie The Green Book, you may not want to read further.  This will depend on what you gauge to be a “spoiler”.  What I’m about to say about the movie is not a spoiler in my opinion, but I also don’t like when people say that, and they go ahead and spoil the movie for me anyway.  I can tell you the part I will reveal is about five seconds long in the film and has nothing to do with the plot.  So read ahead at your own risk.

There is an inconsequential scene in the movie where Tony (played by Viggo Mortensen) folds a pizza in half and eats it like a panzerotti.  That’s it.  End of potential spoiler.

Normally I wouldn’t consider this to be a big deal but I had just talked about that Weird Pizza coincidence in my other post.  I wondered how many times have I witnessed, or heard about a pizza being folded this way.  How common is the practice of folding a pizza in the first place?

Let’s google it.

“folding pizza in half” yields 9,930,000 results.

A quick scan reveals that this is apparently a common practice in New York.  A New York style pizza is made with a thin, pliable crust for this specific purpose (according to some web page that is ranked very highly on Google).

Scanning further, I can see several more websites make the New York connection.  Some debate the practice of folding.  If people are debating it, then people are doing it.

Guess where the character in the movie is from?

Now I feel ignorant because I didn’t know this was a common thing.  I also feel ignorant because I have been describing the folded-over pizza as a panzerotti, but in fact, it is a calzone (although the calzone vs. panzerotti debate also seems to be alive and well on the internet).

I started thinking, “How common is this practice in the movies?”

Since I don’t live anywhere near New York, really the only time I should witness a pizza being folded is on TV or in the movies.  We don’t have any alternate pizza eating habits around here, except maybe eating a slice with a knife and fork from time to time.

The only way I can demote Weird Coincidence #2 to just plain old coincidence (with a lower-case ‘c’) is if I can find more evidence of pizza folding on film.

So can anyone help me out?  If anyone knows of a scene from the movies or TV where a pizza is folded in half, I would love to know about it.

Thanks in advance for your contribution to science.



20 thoughts on “Weird Coincidence #2

  1. I do that sometimes, too. So it’s totally a thing.

    “If you fold it: Those who fold their pizza slice are considered “drivers.” They’re multi-taskers; they want to eat the pizza fast, and eat it while doing something else.
    If you start with the crust: People who eat the crust first are described as “influencers” who are spontaneous and like to be different.
    If you use a knife and fork: Those who cut their pizza are generally known as “supporters.” The research says they approach life relaxed and are warm and friendly listeners who likely let their friends get their slice first.
    If you just pick it up and bite: Those who eat it with their hands and bite their slice are known as the “careful correctors.” They like to plan ahead so everything turns out as expected. They usually stick with the same flavors and toppings.” (Source:

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    1. Awesome! I feel better now that I’ve seen an actual example on TV.

      I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who eats their pizza crust-first. I might do it next time I’m in a group just to see how people react. In fact, in the same way you can tell a lot about people by how they eat their pizza, you can probably tell a lot about people by how they react to you eating your pizza.

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  2. My husband and my son eat their pizza folded, it’s their norm. But we live in NYC so that might be the reason they eat it like that….As for the movie scenes, it would be interesting to start your research with movies made in New York first, I am sure you’ll find several NY movies with such scenes.

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  3. Chicago does make an excellent pizza, but then so does New York.
    If the toppings are piled high, I will eat it folded (can’t let any “extras” get away – LoL), but other times it will be eaten flat. If it has a (keto style) cauliflower crust then, its eaten with a knife and fork.
    All that being said and done, I don’t eat a whole lot of pizza these days.

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