Weird Coincidence #3

Weird coincidences keep happening to me. My buddy, who is a math teacher, says it is all just the mathematical odds playing out.

I’m not always so sure.

Do you think the universe reveals things to us serendipitously, or are the things that happen to us just due to mathematical chance?

Weird Coincidence #3

If you have been following Not Sheep Minded, you might have seen some articles I wrote about the Canadian Pacific Railway.  The first article in the series can be found here, and the second on here.  I know, I know, enough about the goddamn railroad already!  Don’t worry, I’m moving on.

It was my buddy, NotOvine, who inspired to write about train tracks.  His research had taken him in different directions, and eventually, he focused in on the railway.  His curiosity piqued something in myself, so I did some research, and I wrote the “Case of the Missing Iron” posts (see above) about the Canadian Pacific Railway.  Stay with me, I am moving on.

The weird thing was, that sandwiched chronologically between our research about ancient monolithic structures and the railroad, was another area of interest: cathedrals.

For a few weeks in March, we mainly talked about cathedrals.  Who built them?  Where did they get all the sculptors to sculpt all the beautiful statues and gargoyles?  Who made all that stained glass?  How did they lift the giant statues up so high?

I spent hours learning about the big cathedral in Cologne, Germany.  I learned about its construction and watched a couple of documentaries about it.  I even made my kid watch one of them with me.  Kids are just like other humans.  They love to stare at screens and will watch just about anything for a chance to do so.

I’m not a church-goer, so I never had much interest in cathedrals, but last month, cathedrals occupied much of my time and energy.  If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is get a job at the NSA and monitor some of my phone conversations with NotOvine.  You will hear hours of cathedral talk (and hours of some other stuff you may not be prepared to hear).

Anyways, imagine our surprise yesterday when we turned on the news and saw the cathedral in Paris burning.  I don’t know how many eight hundred-year-old cathedrals burn down every year, but it can’t be that many.

So that’s Weird Coinkidink Numero Tres:  I was learning everything there is to know about cathedrals of antiquity, and then the big news story was one burning down.  Simple coincidence or the universe getting my attention?  You be the judge.

If a train track burns down next month, then I will really be convinced.

14 thoughts on “Weird Coincidence #3

  1. Please stop studying things or we will have no impressive monuments left.

    In all seriousness … Wow. Whether or not you are a church goer, the very words “Notre Dame is on fire” fill a person with apocalyptic horror. It’s like, wow, I didn’t realize we were at this point in the movie. Did I miss all the rising action?

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