Fishy (A Poem)

Nutritious, delicious, Frankenstein fish

A cauldron witch’s mix for which

I have the itch to make from scratch

Like this, with a pinch of growth hormone, I slip

From a salmon, Chinook that I find in the brook

I’ll splice with genetics of salmon, Atlantic

I’m gonna be rich and I’m fuckin’ ecstatic

But first, these bastards have to hatch

Panama is a nice place for that

Grab your passport, pack your shit

Wait, there’s one thing missing in it

To make ’em grow fast there’s something I need

The protein from that slimy eel

It ups the hormone in the blood

It cuts the time to grow in half

Don’t worry, it’s safe, it’ll be okay

Safe as Thalidomide, that’s what they say

No label required on the pack

After all, it’s just a hack

This poem was inspired by the following news story:

AquaBounty considers labelling genetically modified salmon

I first wrote about AquaBounty and their genetically modified salmon in this post:

The State of The World Today


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