Concrete Shoes (A Song)

Tying my lace. Running in place. Put my shoes in the blocks like a mag in a Glock. Hammer is cocked, hair trigger, tick tock. Itchy ear, wants to hear, that starter pistol talk. Not so fast, you’re not your best, another race, another quest. Another opportunity to fall flat on your face, or in a glass-half-empty way, another fall from grace, or in my race analogy, a finish in last place? Trying not to trip and trying not to fall, I never read the manual on how to win it all. I never read the rules on how to stack my chips. I never seem to be all in when the right card hits. Always seem to fold my hand and say, “The hell with it.” A fool. A joker. I don’t even play poker. I don’t play rounds of golf with the boys from the city. I’m an Itty bitty flea on a donkey’s ass – shitty! Stinky, kinky, rinky-dinky, everything but kitchen sinky. To bitch about, to shout and pout. Santa don’t come ’cause I run my mouth. Santa don’t care ’cause he ain’t real. Jesus I’ll shift if you take the wheel. I’ve drank too much and shouldn’t drive. Please sew shut my weary eyes. And stick my head neck-deep in sand, way beneath the firm-a-ment. All the men who have success can’t be feeling my duress. I’ve tried to win but came up lose.

I just can’t run in concrete shoes.

8 thoughts on “Concrete Shoes (A Song)

      1. My mother rented the flute for three months. When it came time to rent, again, buying it came up. She said “If I buy this, you’d better play it for the rest of your life!” That scared me because I was looking at drums. I was planning. But, she wasn’t interested in furthering what I wanted to do. SHE had always wanted to learn to play piano & tennis…two things I could have given a crap about. I got tennis lessons & one piano lesson (I refused to go back to the cranky old woman & her mean cat). I could play tennis but, who was I gonna play with. She didn’t like swimming but, I was lucky that school gave us those lessons.

        Anything I was interested in was dismissed. I was in my high school pageant. Neither parent attended. When I graduated, my mother was there for about 10 minutes (her words) & my father was uninterested.

        I always wanted drums & bass. I can sing…

        I don’t have the hand strength, anymore, for that stuff. Too many years in the IT industry…and, Admin. work. Wrist problems, too…

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