35 thoughts on “Beans. Barbeque. Beer.

      1. Ah. Couldn’t see the label. Nice choice. Used to drink a lot of those in college. I now mostly shy away from “commercial” beers and drink craft stuff with a high alcohol content. You are Canadian, right? Are you ready for American refugees if politics go sideways in the US?

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      2. I like the craft stuff too. There are a lot of great breweries in Ontario.
        Most Americans are cool. I would welcome them. Many said they would flee if Trump got elected, but they stayed put. I don’t know what it would take to see a really serious influx.


      3. You never know with her. She’s like gum on your shoe…or s***.

        We’re screwed either way. It will be Trump vs [insert Democrat here]. Right wing…left wing…too damn many big, ugly birds.

        Next up, Agenda 2030…because Agenda 21 isn’t enslaving us fast enough.

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      4. Bernie isn’t creepy. He is actually a nice man but, he can’t do math. Neither can Occasional-Kotex. They both remind me of those annoying TurboTax commercials…free, free, free, free, free…

        Have they noticed the national debt?

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      5. National debt. Who owes who what? Does it really matter? The only currency that matters is the earth and we’re burning it in the name of these pathetic paper bills (plastic in Canada).


      6. Thems that run da world…Rothschilds, Rockefellers, bloodline families, ultra rich…some you see at Davros & Bilderburg…some you never see. And, they have had other-worldly help. My CT material covers all if it.

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      7. Correction: Davos, as in Switzerland. Davros is a bad guy in Doctor Who. Sorry. Shameless Doctor Who fan, here.

        Meghan couldn’t do any worse but, she is a consort, not bloodline.

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      1. I guess on the way home I need to stop in at a Barnes & Noble to pick a dictionary of Canadian slang. Down south, beans means beans and “cut the cheese” is a way to say “fart.”

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