Home Grown (A Poem)

Tactical vest

Bulletproof chest

Mags and mace

And covered face

Screen printed scull

On wool knit mask

Knives can’t cut

His tactical pants

Boots are worn

For stomping ants

Goliath won’t fall

Goliath won’t yield

Safe behind

His riot shield

Is he in the desert fighting for oil?

Hell no, he’s on North American soil


10 thoughts on “Home Grown (A Poem)

      1. Oh, yeah. They shut down the damn city and went house to house, harassing all the people.

        You notice that no more info ever came out about that and why it happened. One of the brothers was killed (so we were told) and, the other…where were the cameras in the courtroom for that trial, a-la O.J. Simpson? The whole thing stunk.

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      2. I’m not going to suggest a conspiracy here, but there are tons of details about the bombing and investigation that always sat uneasily with me, from the aunt’s interview in Toronto to the associate of the Tsarnevs that was blown away by the FBI in Florida.
        Everything I can learn about it is from the internet. I’m obviously not going to travel to Boston and get any first hand accounts.
        It would have been nice to see cameras in the courtroom especially since when the younger Tsarnev boy was captured, his voicebox was damaged and he could not speak.
        At the most there is a conspiracy here, at the very least the people of Boston’s rights were violated when curfews were imposed and armoured vehichles roamed the streets.


      3. You have the same firm grasp of the situation that I have. And, if you DID travel to Boston, you wouldn’t find anyone that would speak to you.

        I remember being pissed off and screaming at the evening news. Boston, essentially, was a test case for martial law. Those cops were kicking in front doors without knocking.

        I was born, raised, worked in LE and live with a retired cop. He and I, both, are appalled at some of the stuff we see. He sits and shakes his head. “This s*** shouldn’t be happening.”

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