Dumbass v. Dumbass

Last night I watched a documentary called “Why Trains Crash”.

This may come as a surprise to you, but the main cause of train crashes are humans being dumbasses.

Which brings me to my next story.

Some dumbass in Saskatchewan decided to hang a Nazi flag atop a house in the small village of Kelliher.  Since it was buy-one-get-one-free day at the flag store he picked up a nice little Confederate flag to go along with it.

Neighbours complained to the mayor and the police.  The police knocked on the door and made a request, something like, “While it is not illegal to fly this flag, can you please take it down for the sake of being a reasonable human being?  And take that tacky Confederate flag down too.”

“But it’s raining.”

He had a point.  So the friendly officers and the man agreed upon his terms.  He would take the flag down when the rain stopped.

Meanwhile, a vigilante had other ideas.  He would deal with the flag himself, and it would be much more satisfying if he could generate some “likes” on social media.  Donning a Confederate flag mask (presumedly the one from the rooftop) he burned up that Nazi flag.

“Stop racism. Shit ain’t cool,” he says in the video he posted on Facebook, “It has to end now, and not later.”

I like this guy’s style, but he’s a little bit of a dumbass for posting it on social media.  I mean, technically he was committing a crime.

Now the RCMP are annoyed because they have to waste time and effort to investigate the burning of someone’s personal property.  If only the local cops had convinced the homeowner to put on his raincoat and rubber boots on.

So, is it, or is it not illegal to hang a Nazi flag in Canada?  Let’s see what the Criminal Code has to say about it:

Section 319

Wilful promotion of hatred

(2) Every one who, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, wilfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group is guilty of

  • (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or
  • (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

Is a flag a communicating statement?  I would argue that it is.  Just ask any NASCAR fan.

Does a Nazi flag promote hatred against an identifiable group?  I think several identifiable groups might say yes.

There have been a handful of cases over the years tried under this section for everything from being a dumbass to being a really big, stupid, dumbass.  As far as my research tells me, no one has been charged under this section of the Criminal Code for flying a flag.

Are we really going to waste federal government resources over this?  One dumbass hung a Nazi flag and another dumbass posted its burning on social media.

Case dismissed. [insert gavel pounding sounds here].

Source: CBC News: Police investigating alleged theft and burning of Nazi flag pulled from Sask. home




11 thoughts on “Dumbass v. Dumbass

  1. The number one cause of just about every bad thing that happens in the world is humans being dumbasses. When I look around, I find that the intelligence level of the average human is just slightly lower than the intelligence level of your average monkey. The animals that most closely approximate average human thinking ability are the wombat and the two-toed sloth. There is good news, though. Most humans are smarter than most rodents.

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  2. Some symbols are ambiguous. Some have multiple layers of meaning. Some mean one thing to one person, and another thing to another. This makes those anti-hate laws very fiddly. You could get prosecuted for “hate” just because someone has arbitrarily decided, without any widespread consensus, that a symbol you are using is “hateful.”

    That is not the case with the Nazi flag.

    However, I like that you call this guy dumbass and not Satan. I don’t know how old he was, but there is a certain kind of young man who will try to do something precisely because it’s provocative or forbidden.

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    1. Ha, ha. You know I don’t believe in Satan.

      I know what you mean about being provocative. A kid I went to school with got busted for spray painting swastikas. He wasn’t being hateful, he was trying to provoke.

      I think the reason this law is used so sparingly in Canada is because of the ambiguous nature of what a “hateful” symbol is.

      If any symbol does fit in that category, I would agree that the Nazi flag fits.

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  3. This little story is similar, somewhat, to Goldie’s post:

    My comment:
    So, basically, what we have here is a clash of obnoxiousness.

    A$$hole #1 puts up a flag that will guarantee a negative response. A$$hole #2 destroys someone else’s property aaaannnd doubles down on the obnoxiousness by sharing it on social media. Who wins that round? The cops.

    Jennifer, above has valid points. Anti-hate laws are WAY too subjective. Everybody ‘hates’ something. And, she’s right. Some symbols ARE ambiguous. One man’s nightmare is another man’s dream. The swastika or sauwastika is an ancient religious icon, much, much older that Nazism. It is Sanskrit and means ‘conducive to well being’ (how ironic). In Hindu, pointing clockwise, symbolizes prosperity & good luck (sun). Pointing counter clockwise, it symbolizes night. In Buddhism, it symbolizes the footprints of Buddha. Just because the Nazis co-opted it does not mean the symbol means hate. On the heels of that, the Confederate Battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia does NOT symbolize slavery, contrary to the idiots that don’t know real history (history is always written/twisted by the victors, for better or worse). The Stars and Bars was the first flag of the Confederacy.

    I remember the days before the rainbow was co-opted by the LGBTQ+ community. I like rainbows but, if I wear one, some a$$hole will assume they know my ‘orientation’.

    No one has the right to NOT be offended. Too bad. Get over yourself.

    All of that leads me to, why on Earth is a Canadian flying an old, CSA flag? I won’t question a Nazi flag. Nazis are all over the planet (borderless).

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    1. I wondered that myself about the Confederate flag in Canada. The guy must’ve just picked it because he knew it would get a reaction from people. Maybe he was a Dukes of Hazzard fan.

      I always thought the swastika was an interesting looking symbol and it is too bad the Nazi’s co-opted it when it’s original meaning was of a positive nature. I think once you put the red background and the white circle around it it’s no longer just a swastika though, it’s a Nazi flag.

      That being said, I don’t think anyone would be charged for hanging one because it doesn’t directly encourage hate or violence against a group of people. The people that have been convicted under this law in the past were doing things like publishing websites, etc, encouraging hate and violence against particular groups of people.


      1. Sadly, even the simple symbol sans color, circles or flag is automatically called a Nazi representation. People, by design, do NOT know history. Cooler heads with real knowledge can defuse any and all such nonsense & violence. But, these folks are few, far between & marginalized by the masses that would rather stay stupid & fight.

        I’m a lover, not a fighter…unless you steal my chocolate. Then, there might be bloodshed.

        *kidding* 😉😁💕

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