A Spoonful of Stupidity

In my post about vigilantism, I briefly mentioned a scum bag meth-head that sat idly by while a child suffered horrible atrocities at the hands of her meth-head lover.

I purposely did not mention their names as not to bring any notoriety to them.

Now that evil bitch is back in the news.

With the memory of her horrible acts fading from public memory, but certainly not from the memory of the family of her victim, the evil female was granted a surprising privilege last year.

Her application to be moved from the medium-security prison where she was serving her sentence to a “healing lodge” was granted.

This was despite the fact that, according to the father of her victim, she did not meet the criteria to be transferred to the lodge.

Whatdafuck is a healing lodge?  According to Wikipedia, it is a “Canadian correctional institution designed to meet the needs of Aboriginal (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) inmates”.

Notwithstanding all the loveliness on paper about the chance of an inmate re-offending dropping from 11% to 6% when serving her sentence at a healing lodge, the father of the victim would’ve rather seen the perpetrator doing hard time then, you know, “connecting to her spirit guide” or “learning the traditional ways of her ancestors”.

So, the father fought the transfer and before our convicted criminal knew it, she was back in a medium-security prison where she belonged.

Good.  Great.  Grand.  Wonderful.

We could all sleep easy at night knowing we would not have to think about her ever again.  Or could we?

Now she’s seeking compensation, claiming that moving her back to a real jail “robbed her of her freedom”.

It’s not really what I would call a robbery of freedom.  A “freedom robbery” could more adequately be defined as what the perpetrator and her boyfriend did to the poor little girl in the first place.  They robbed her of her innocence and then her life in the most horrific way possible.

So, um, can we quit wasting tax dollars on this, please?  Pretty please?  We need to save those tax dollars to get the garbage out of the Philippines.  It’s still there.  Waiting.

To the predatory bitch that we all hate, can you please crawl into your medium-security hole and stay there so we don’t have to think about you anymore?




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