Way back when I joked about things you should not do in your car. Okay, I wasn’t joking about most of them.

Cars are serious, and even though I enjoy driving a manual transmission with the wind in my hair, it’s becoming evident to me that we will be better off once these cars can drive themselves.

That is mostly due to idiots like the one in this story:

Your time is valuable, so if you don’t have time to watch the video, please enjoy my descriptive captioning below:

Idiot in black car is right on the bumper of another car in the carpool lane. Dumbass, aka idiot, passes the car, illegally crosses the carpool dividing line, then bumps the ass end of his car into the front of the other car. Then he bumps the other car two more times and speeds off, causing the other car to lose control.

This is Highway 401. Its speed limit is 100 km/h but drivers typically travel at 120 km/h or more. Ontario is currently reviewing the speed limit and is planning to test a 120 km/h speed limit in a certain section of the highway, so 120 is the generally accepted rate of speed. That’s 75 miles per hour, folks.

At that speed, if you cause someone to lose control, that’s attempted murder in my opinion.

Why are drivers so road-ragey? I don’t know, but a lot of them hate cyclists. In my post, Antidepressants, I shared with you how much I love to ride my bike. It kind of takes the fun out of it when someone is trying to kill you.

Last summer I was crossing an intersection on my bicycle (in traffic, to the right-hand side, as the law requires) when I saw a real-life Neanderthal in a Cadillac Escalade. He was able to open his window and make a real sentence with actual words as he passed me. He yelled, “I hope your insurance is paid up!!!”

His Cro-Magnan bride in the passenger seat might’ve had too much Mountain Dew that day because she was having a hard time controlling her laughter.

I was having a hard time controlling the middle digit on my left hand, so I didn’t.

If you Google, “cyclist intentionally killed by motorist” you will see that killing cyclists out of annoyance is a worldwide phenomenon. Just like road rage incidents on our fastest highways.

I like yelling and giving the middle finger to idiot motorists as much as the next person, but can’t we draw the line at murder? Enough motorists and cyclists are going to be killed in accidents on our highways without us needing to inflate the numbers with intentional acts.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by a sheep on a bicycle.

8 thoughts on “Roadkillers.

  1. This phenomenon goes way back. I once saw a cartoon starring Goofy the Dog. When walking, he is Mild-Mannered Pedestrian. But as soon as he gets behind the wheel of his car, his chest swells about four sizes, his face turns beet red, and he becomes Angry Motorist! That cartoon must be fifty years old, seriously.

    I don’t know what it is about cars, but I’ve felt it. Inevitably, as soon as you get on the road you find yourself behind someone who is apparently from out of town and looking for their turn, and behind you is some maniac (read: someone who wants to go 10 miles faster than you do) who just wants you OUT of THEIR WAY!

    I don’t think self-driving cars are the answer, though, considering how well my Google navigation system works.

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