It’s Five O’Clock

I actually made it. Through the bad morning news. Through the personal shit. Through the waking insomnia. Through the auto parts store parking lot with the people who can’t drive. Through the gas station that couldn’t sell me propane because someone called in sick. Through the knee deep grass on my swampy lawn. Cut and trimmed.

In the song Don’t Damn Me, Axl says, “The trash collected by the eyes and dumped into the brain…”

That’s how I feel. I am a trash receptacle taking in garbage my eyes see, just like the ocean takes plastic bottles and oil spills. I am a rubbish bin inhaling second hand RoundUp from my neighbor’s lawn. I am a toilet at a bar drowning in religious and political bullshit.

At a funeral I bowed my head per the master of ceremonies’ instructions. I tried to connect but there was no dial tone for me.

But it’s Five O’Clock now. BBQ. Beer. Mission complete. Live to fight another day.

14 thoughts on “It’s Five O’Clock

  1. there’s a lot of powerful stuff in this short post. I especially enjoyed the part about bowing and hearing no dial tone…that is something I’ve grappled with for a long time. You have a real way with words

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