Tyler Durden (A Poem)

There’s a story I came across today,

In the Bible on a random page.

I compared it to a matching verse,

After a quick Wikipedia search.

I started to have a little fun,

In Chronicles One, verse twenty-one.

It was so much fun I wanted some more,

So I checked Samuel Two, verse twenty-four.

As my biblical advisor explained so well,

In verse one it says Satan, straight from hell.

In verse two it says LORD, but how can that be?

Are they one and the same (like the Trinity)?

I can wait to hear what mysterious ways,

Allow opposite forces to be interchanged.

I would love to hear a serious retort,

Why one book says Satan and one book says LORD…

This isn’t a math book where things add up,

There are no matching equations and such.

If it was placed here by a higher one,

It wasn’t to test faith and devotion.

I have a better theory for you:

It was put here to test our IQ.




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