One Hundred and Eighty

Do you ever play darts?  If you do, you might know that the highest score you can make in a traditional game is one hundred and eighty.  If you watch darts on television, you will notice the commentator says, “One hundred and eighty” with kind of a strip club announcer’s voice when a player achieves that score (see below).

What’s the point?  This is my one hundred and eightieth post, and approximately one hundred and eighty people (I assume they are real people) are following this blog.


All this reminiscing about when I started the blog had me looking back at some older posts.  It became apparent that some of those earlier posts didn’t get much traffic.  While it is highly likely that they are just pieces of crap, it could just be that they got buried under the pile.  Allow me to temporarily bring them to the surface.

Just in case there is any interest, I have compiled a list below with all of the posts on Not Sheep Minded that got less than five views.

Post Synopsis
Something to Get Worked Up About A man realizes his beloved Berenstain Bears are not politically correct.
They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To A man realizes that the government is stealing our money for a sub-par product.
Free Speech. A man approaches one of many nervous breakdowns by watching the news.
The End is Near A man gets sick to his stomach over celebrity excess and unnecessary manufacturing.
Fire and Fury A man becomes sad when two former cold war nemeses disband their nuclear treaty.
Pyramids (A Song) A man writes a hit song and if you can play a few chords you can play along.
You Have Not Been Electrocuted A man realizes he has been using words incorrectly and has to admit he is wrong.
Don’t Stompa Yo’ Feet A man rants (yes, I rant sometimes) about stompers, or thumpers, or whatever you want to call them.
Woke is a Joke (A Poem) A man writes his first poem on Not Sheep Minded because he was getting mad at all those made-up words again.

Thank-you sincerely for tuning in.  I hope I have not wasted your time.

4 thoughts on “One Hundred and Eighty

  1. A lot of my first posts didn’t get much traffic either. I attribute it to being new in the neighborhood… once I got out, walked around and shook hands? Friends started dropping by…

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