Leaving Eden

Eden is real.  It’s only a hundred and seventy miles from here.  I go there several times a year.  It’s for sale if you want to steal it.  I would myself but I can’t afford it.

When it sells to another family, I will wonder how it came to be, that the place I love the most on earth, where I lived for five years after my birth, the only place that calms me down, was sold to tourists from out of town.

It’s a travesty.  And if it finally comes to be.  With it will go a piece of me.

10 thoughts on “Leaving Eden

    1. My family are the ones electing to sell it, so I doubt it. It’s all good, I will just stare at pictures of this place on my cellphone. All the memories, plus the added bonus of fitting in with the rest of society.


      1. Oh…. well so much for that idea.
        Better get all your drinking buddies to chip in. I’d say tell them free beer… but that would probably cost more than the mortgage.

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