Nav Bhatia aka Superfan

If you came here for your regular dose of sarcastic complaining about society, this post may disappoint you.  I want to tell you about someone positive who gives me a feeling of hope.

On Twitter he’s @superfan_nav and on Instagram he’s @navbhatiasuperfan, but in Toronto, they call him “The Superfan”.

If you’ve watched a Raptors game you’ve seen him at courtside.  He’s been at every single home game since the Raptors were established in 1995.

I don’t know Nav Bhatia, but I would love to meet him.

Last week he was mentioned in a racist tweet by a Milwaukie fan, but after the fan contacted him to apologize, Bhatia graciously offered to buy him dinner the next time he was in the city.

He is so beloved that several Milwaukie fans came to his defence on social media even though their team lost that night.

He believes sports can unite people and his words and actions are demonstrating that he might be right.

He came to Canada in the 1980s and although he was a mechanical engineer in his home country of India, he could only find work here as a car salesman.  He proceeded to shatter a sales record that still stands to this day, selling 127 cars in just 90 days.  He ultimately bought the dealership, cementing his success in business.

He not only does his part to take the power away from racists with his positive attitude, but he does a ton for the kids of Toronto.  He spends $300,000 of his own money every year to purchase tickets for the youth in his community.

If you look at his social media feed, it is brimming with positivity.  He is pictured smiling with players and fans from all different teams and ethnicities.

If the Nav Bhatia narrative in the media is true, then we could all stand to be a little more like Nav.

The world doesn’t need a Superman, we need more Superfans.

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