Wonder Woman (A Review)

Contains spoilers

I just saw this on Netflix tonight. I don’t do movie reviews but since I’ve had writer’s block lately, I thought, “What the hell?”

Synopsis: This is one of the silliest movies I’ve ever seen.

I am not a DC Comics fanboy so I am not up to speed on the original plotlines from the comic books or anything like that.

I’m not a Marvel fanboy either.

In fact, I’ve hated superhero movies ever since they’ve started mashing all kinds of heroes into single films. I’m tired of all the Spiderman reboots. I think Thor is a lame hero. Same with The Hulk.

Some of the Batmans were cool. The first Ironman was alright. I used to like watching the old Spidey cartoons.

Anyway, since Wonder Woman is a newly rebooted (also, I dislike ‘rebooted’ used in this context. It’s for computers, just like the word ‘hack’), single-hero flick, I gave it a chance.

What a mistake. I should have watched 12 Monkeys or Heat for the one-millionth time.

The screenwriters (or original authors of the comic, I don’t know) tried to do something interesting with the plot by mixing Greek mythology with World War I. It didn’t work for me.

At times Wonder Woman is knowledgeable about how things work on the planet earth. At other times she is completely clueless.

For example, she is fully knowledgeable about sex with men even though she grew up in an all-female society. On the other hand, she doesn’t realize why it is weird to carry a sword and shield through the busy streets of London.

Speaking of her sword – it’s supposed to be her most important possession, yet sometimes she gives it away to strangers. Sometimes it’s tucked under her dress. Sometimes she fights a whole battle without it. When she needs it, it appears. It’s a massive sword. It should be visible AT ALL TIMES!

Wonder Woman is a one-woman wrecking crew. She kicks ass all day long with the aid of Matrix-esque bullet-time-like CGI sequences. Like Superman, she can’t be stopped. Her Cryptonite? The God Aries, who, you guessed it – shows up in the final scene…

…because a superhero movie wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t culminate in an epic fight scene (CGI rendered, of course).

On the positive side, this movie has the ability to entertain a Pro Wrestling fan or a small female child.

What did you guys think of this movie?

18 thoughts on “Wonder Woman (A Review)

  1. Hi Sheep🐏
    Straight up hated how this movie was done. She is Wonder Woman, when did she need a boyfriend? They still insisted on her being a damsel. Never was a fan of Steve (I think that was his name).

    I know you’re not into superheroes films but they are supposed to do a movie on the Furies of Apokolips- the women warriors under Darkseid, so it better be good. Well, it will because Ava DuVernay agreed to direct and she’s phenomenal!

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  2. I don’t mind superhero movies and I’m willing to suspend disbelief a lot. Depends on how the story is handled. I haven’t seen this one.

    I do tend to hate movies that include brutal, drawn-out fight scenes involving women. Either they have two women fighting each other, which ends up looking kind of porn-y, or else they have to have a woman fighting a man and either getting beaten up by him (how is that entertainment?) or unrealistically kicking his rear. Women don’t make good men. You already know where I stand on this.

    But I guess in this case I can’t complain because yes, the Greek mythology references were always in Wonder Woman’s story, and yes, Ares was always the antagonist. And yes, Ares really was the god of war. The Romans called him Mars. Same god; the Greeks hated him, the Romans loved him. But I digress.

    I also hate fight scenes where a bunch of stuff unnecessarily gets broken.

    Thanks for the review.

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    1. The movie was rated PG so the fight scenes weren’t too brutal or bloody. A ton of stuff does gets broken though.
      I don’t mind using my imagination a little but the unnecessarily unrealistic stuff can get under my skin.
      I hope I didn’t spoil it for you. Might.be worth a watch if you’re bored one day.


  3. I remember a lot of “Great Hera” comments in the cartoons from the 70s. Lynda Carter, not so much. I don’t recall reading any WW comics. I liked Superfriends on Saturday mornings (I’m showing my age):

    Somewhere along the line, I turned into an X-Men fan. I’m still pissed that they made Wolverine 6′ 2″.

    I saw most of the movie. Chris Pine is starting to turn into the male version of Jennifer Lawrence. Is Hellyweird running out of actors/actresses? I’m pretty sure BBC only has ten to work with. When I found out that the skinny chick from the Fast/Furious movies had been cast, I was like “Do what?” I did like seeing Connie Nielsen. The re-write/re-boot/re-tool/re-flush was visually stunning but, convoluted as hell. Pine served as merely eye-candy.

    Hellyweird is running out of ideas so the Millennials/Gen Y/Gen Z/Generation-off-a-cliff are snatching their parents & grandparents comics (which are convoluted as hell, too…Silver Age, Golden Age…). *yawn*

    You know what I’m watching these days? Stargate SG-1 reruns. I swear. Canadians can do a TV show better than anything that rolls out of California. I still miss Highlander.

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    1. In WW, the best actor was the British secretary at the London headquarters. She was funny.
      I never got into the Stargate TV show but I liked the Kurt Russell movie. It was a neat concept.


      1. The first five years of the series was on Showtime. That meant nudity & cursing. The last five was handled by SciFi (now SyFy). By June 2002, things changed a bit. Shanks had a temper tantrum & left the show…but, came back for season 7. At the beginning of season 9, Richard Dean Anderson & his biz partner pulled out (they had worked in production, assisting Showtime, then SciFi). Anderson only showed up “guesting” after that but, was part if the three other movies.

        It was great while it lasted. I never saw Stargate Universe.

        Ever watch any Babylon 5?

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  4. There are very few super hero movies I can tolerate. I admit to watching X Men, and DeadPool makes me laugh. But he’s a snarky bastard so there’s that. But WW? With a Chris Pine boyfriend? Hell no. My question is.. when are they finally going to run out of these things? It seems every year there are 10 more…


  5. I enjoyed Wonder Woman… but I tend to enjoy most of the superhero genre (except Guardians of the Galaxy). Sure, there are plot holes… but it’s a comic book. I also liked her in Justice League and I probably wouldn’t mind her in my home if she brought a beverage…


  6. I don’t want to be “that” guy but I will say it anyway: I was really disappointed that wonder woman wasn’t a more amazonian, voluptuous, imposing woman like in the comics. Not criticism of Gal Gadot’s credentials or acting abilities but she doesn’t have the build. But Hollywood would never agree with that anyway because they would see it as a comment from a perv who wants to see some T&A in a superhero film. Not gonna lie, OF COURSE I would appreciate some of that (I am an unashamed man after all) but putting that aside, the authenticity to the character just wasn’t there for me.

    Oh and I’ve always preferred Marvel to DC anyway. Batman aside, the movies have been simply ‘meh’ for me. Green Lantern was rubbish and Suicide Squad was essentially Harley Quinn: The Movie. Margot Robbie was all that kept my attention otherwise I would have binned the whole film off mid-way through.

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