Screw You Part Two

A few days ago I wrote about the Robertson Screwdriver.

Although some of my research led me to believe the Robertson was starting to make an appearance in the United States, most actual Americans who read my blog had never heard of it.

I promised a follow up with pictures.  And since pictures speak a thousand words, allow me to steal some from the internet.

Here is a set of “Robbies”.  Note the Mastercraft logo.  This is Canadian Tire’s store brand.  They come with a lifetime warranty:



And here is a closeup of the tips:


The best part about the Robertson is this: when you’re standing on a ladder holding something in place with one hand, you can already have the screw loaded on your drill bit and it is unlikely to fall off.  Try that with a Phillips.



It’s so screwed up that we aren’t all using the Robertson.

13 thoughts on “Screw You Part Two

  1. Great pix! I had been wondering WTH a Pozidriv was. Now, I know. Phillip’s small, Polish cousin (kidding).

    I’d heard of Mastercraft. That name is well known.

    I’ve seen hex keys/allen wrenches and hex/allen drill bits. I have never seen an actual hex/allen screwdriver (solid structure). Have you? Allen’s are pretty sturdy, in the same vein as Robbies.

    Take it up with the Prime Dictator.

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    1. I have an Allen screwdriver but the bits are removable. They’re great for building Ikea furniture quickly with a power drill. They come in many sizes, but they don’t have the slight taper like the Robertson. You have to look really closely to detect it in the pictures.

      I thought Mastercraft was only available at Canadian Tire stores. I could be wrong. Are you sure you’re not thinking of Craftsman?

      Don’t worry. The Prime Dictator will sort all this out.


      1. My ex-Marine had some Mastercraft tools. I remember the Mastercraft blue. I never questioned him where he got them. Couple of hammers, some clamps and a pair of bolt cutters… Mastercraft was blue. Craftsman was red (Sears). It is an exclusive tool line for Canadian Tire but, that doesn’t mean the tools didn’t make it here.

        We also have Mastercraft boats out of Tennessee and Wal*Marts sell Mastercraft tires…wherever they come from. But, the blue tools…yeah.

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      2. Cool. Mastercraft made it across the border, but not the Robbie screwdriver! Ha ha. We like the Mastercraft tools because they will exchange them at Canadian Tire, no questions asked if they break.
        I’m familiar with their cheap tires too.


      3. I suspect that Robbies have made it across the border, too, by now. But, the problem with them is that things would have to be made with squarehead screws and what little manufacturing the US does, now, that isn’t going to happen. Canadian products made with them, sure. Americans would need Robbies to tend to the products.

        Mastercraft tools…they most likely made their way in via Canadian border states prior to things like Amazon.

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  2. Re. Dropping screws, the magnetic-tipped Phillips screwdrivers are one of the best inventions of all-time imo. Not quite as good as having the screw slotted properly on the end of the driver but great for when you are unsrewing something in a hard-to-reach place and risk dropping the screw into the bowels of whatever you’re working on.


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