9 thoughts on “Curses (A Poem)

    1. Thanks! It’s about curses. For example, I had a couple hours to work on my online course today but the universe decided I would be on the phone with tech support all morning instead. Curses.


      1. I might see a curse where there is none. In the grand scheme of things, I have a pretty good life and am not really cursed, but I do get the feeling the universe is kicking me while I’m down sometimes. It has been pointed out to me that I see connections between things when really I am just experiencing a coincidence. This can play into the feeling of being cursed.

        Curses out of the mouth are just funny. They make some uncomfortable. Others have no problem stringing them together. I find them to be lazy sometimes, but I also like using them for effect. One of the funniest moments in my life was on Boxing Day a few years ago. I was being cursed that day so I used a curse word at the Future Shop (Canada’s version of Best Buy which has since shuttered its doors). The result did not favour me, but for some reason it felt good to cause a scene.

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      2. Yes, that is what bad words are for, causing a scene.

        I can sympathize with the feeling that something or someone is causing a string of things to go wrong on purpose to see how far they can push you. Of course, it can also feel like that when you have PMS or depression, where your threshold is so low that every little thing feels like the last straw.

        When major crises do arrive in a string, I agree that it can happen concurrently with lots of mercies being sent your way in the grand scheme of things. Our family is having that kind of Spring, actually. We’ve had a series of crises, which have been a lot to deal with, but which have also demonstrated that we have a wonderful network of friends, family and medical personnel who step up during a time like this.

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