Rise of the Machines (A Poem)



Snakes on a plane

Learning machines

They warned us of these

Identifying pictures of flowers

And telling us what stocks to sell

Did you ever wonder how Netflix knows

Serial killer docs are your favourite shows?

Machine learning is how it works and it’s getting

Smarter and better at every turn so get John Connor

On the phone because it’s already becoming self-aware


21 thoughts on “Rise of the Machines (A Poem)

  1. Well done….
    You have to love a pyramid shaped poem!
    As to the subject matter, it terrifies me. I don’t want a car that brakes for me, steers around corners and knows where I live. Next thing you know it will be telling me not to have that second margarita.

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  2. Great poem. I agree that teaching machines to learn is a Very Bad Idea.

    I also agree that sci-fi and research/invention feed off each other. Scientists are human beings, so they need some kind of inspiring vision to give their r&d direction and energy.

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    1. Teaching machines to learn does seem scary but I feel like it might be a step in our eventual destiny. In my mind, evolution seems to point to consciousness organizing itself into bigger and bigger consciousnesses. The internet has given us a rudimentary worldwide consciousness and as we move from physical media like wires and hard drives to the spooky unknown fabric of the quantum world, the consciousness will know no bounds. I think teaching machines to learn and melding them with biology will be part of that leap (as weird as it seems now).


      1. I know where the sentient machines have come from and, they aren’t new. They are new to us. Any technology that we use (the public) is, roughly, 100 years behind what certain groups use (I won’t say governments because these folks might get funding from there but, they aren’t beholden to them).

        There was/is already a ‘worldwide’ consciousness. The ‘net didn’t *give* us that. And, consciousness(es) know no bounds, already, other than the confines of our Universe.

        If people really believe that they will *blend* with machines and live forever, they are fools. If they believe that they will *live* at all when those *machines* have interfaced completely with their brains, they are fools. They don’t have a complete understanding of the biological machine they inhabit.

        Speaking of brains, are you still having headaches?

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