Weird Coincidence #8

Weird coincidences keep happening to me. My buddy, who is a math teacher, says it is all just the mathematical odds playing out.

I’m not always so sure.

Do you think the universe reveals things to us serendipitously, or are the things that happen to us just due to mathematical chance?


Weird Coincidences So Far
Coincidence Topic
Number 1 Pizza carried vertically.
Number 2 Pizza folded in half.
Number 3 Cathedral fire.
Number 4 Parabellums.
Number 5 RoundUp
Number 6 Falling Rock
Number 7 San Diego Padres

Here we go again.  I will tell you about a weird connection in my life and you will all tell me that it’s just a normal coincidence.  You’ll say, “It’s no big deal.”

Well, no one took Mel Gibson’s character seriously in the movie Conspiracy Theory and no one took Bruce Willis’ character seriously in 12 Monkeys.  Spoiler alert – they both turned out to be onto something.

Which begs the question, “Am I going to tell you the weird coincidence or just use informal fallacies improperly?”

A little while back I was all worked up about the Robertson screwdriver and pondered why it is not used all over the world when it is obviously a much superior screwdriver to any of the other mainstream screwdriver designs.

I followed up the first post, “Screw You”, with “Screw You Part Two” where I presented some pictures of the Robertson screwdriver.  One of the pictures featured Canadian Tire’s store brand of tools, “Mastercraft”.

One of my faithful readers and I got into a discussion in the comment section about Mastercraft tools and their availability south of the U.S./Canada border.  As the discussion progressed, she mentioned that in the U.S., Mastercraft also makes boats.  It turns out it is not the same company, but still it has the same name.  Well, actually it is “MasterCraft”, not “Mastercraft” but who cares?

I know you’re all so excited for the coincidence part.  It’s coming.

The very next day after the MasterCraft boat discussion, I put on an old movie for the kids on Netflix.  “The Muppets Take Manhattan” released in 1984.  I wasn’t even watching it with them.  I just happened to pop my head in to check on them during a scene when Gonzo is about to do some Evil Knievel water skiing stunt and I saw this:


See the back of the boat?

I had never heard of MasterCraft boats until the day before I saw one in a thirty-five-year-old movie that I wasn’t even watching.  That’s a strange coincidence, folks.


12 thoughts on “Weird Coincidence #8

      1. Understood… but you really can’t argue with the universe. Ignore it at your peril… first hint is a kids movie. Second hint might be a boat falling off a trailer and smashing into your car.
        Your choice.

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  1. Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding! Misuse of “begs the question.” You AH the weakest link. Goodbye.

    About the coincidence, I think this is one of those “my eyes have been opened” types of coincidence. I’ll bet you’ve watched the movie before, which means you saw the boat and logo, even if you didn’t notice it. I love The Muppets Take Manhattan, BTW.

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