Hairstyle From a Toddler

On May 6th, I wrote about antidepressants.  Not the ones the come from Pfizer in a child-proof jar and make you impotent, but the ones that fill your lungs with fresh air and make you feel alive.

You can find them in The Garden of Eden.  You can find them in the Church of SkyDome.

I want to share with you another trick.  Use it when you get really sad.  Use it when your day is really bad.  Use it when your thinking is stinking and you’re ready to start drinking.  Use it when you’re punching holes in drywall and overturning tables.  Use it when you can’t settle your mind.  Use it when your stomach is burning.

When you’re surrounded by multiple assailants in a parking lot, use it.

Put a towel under your head.  Lie down on the couch.  Give a toddler a spray bottle full of water (preferably warm).  Hand him or her a mirror and a comb.  Sip a coffee or a beer (it’s five o’clock somewhere).  And get your hair done.

You’ll forget all about whatever was bugging you before.



14 thoughts on “Hairstyle From a Toddler

  1. Fantastic recommendation! Here’s another–I haven’t used for quite a few years but I can vouch for it from past experience–lie down on the floor and let about four or five rambunctious puppies nip at your ears and nose and climb up on your stomach and bite you under the arms and such. (You’ll find yourself rolling around and fending them off while giggling like a pinhead–guaranteed!)

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  2. P.S.
    Continuing with the lying-down-on-the-floor theme …
    Robert Fulgum recommends you turn off the lights, lie down on the floor, and listen to Beethoven’s Ninth with your stereo turned way up. I think this only works on grey days in the middle of February.

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      1. My husband’s trick when depressed on a hot day: Lie on a tile floor with your head about three inches from a blasting fan. The white noise and the coolness is like being in a sensory-deprivation chamber. Or so I’m told.

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