Celery Watch

A boring post for a boring vegetable. Are the prices for these fibrous green stalks skyrocketing in your jurisdiction?

They are here.

Blame travel. Blame weather. Blame disease. Blame Anthony William, the genius who touted the benefits of celery juice to his devoted celebrity followers.

The last time I was at the grocery store celery was: $4.99

If people want to spend that much money juicing an entire bunch of celery every morning, all the power to them, but there is a cheaper miracle health drink, backed up by no scientific, but much anecdotal evidence.

It’s called DU Cola and if you can guess what D.U. stands for you will have won an imaginary prize with which I cannot afford to award you.

Hint: I wouldn’t drink D.U. if Beans herself told me it was delicious.

11 thoughts on “Celery Watch

    1. I think it is a media-generated story to justify raising the price. Sort of like there is always a problem with oil production in the middle east every long weekend (causing fuel prices to go up).

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  1. All foods are going up. It’s ridiculous for the cost of butter where I am. And I noticed since moving to the Southern part of the US, that apparently groceries are more expensive here than they are up North where I’m from.
    I can understand the processed foods, but produce and meats (non-organic) can be food on anybody’s farm in the South; they’re not exporting it

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