8 thoughts on “Eating Seeds (A Poem)

      1. They are all over the planet, not just south of your location. Gators are only in swamps & coastal areas…unless someone turned a pet loose into the sewer, which would be rare.

        Canada has snakes, just like the US. They avoid us if at all possible.

        I’ve lived in four southern states and the only Gator I ever saw (or Croc…not sure of the difference) was in a state-supported aquarium…and it was a small species.

        I didn’t mean move to Louisiana or Florida.

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      2. Ha ha. We have snakes but they are polite, so they warn us with their rattle before they strike. No crocs or gators up here. Black bears don’t scare me too much.

        The only thing I fear up here is the goddamn poison ivy and it only seems to grow at my cottage.


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