Too Many Options

Have you been to the toothpaste aisle lately? I almost called it the toothpaste isle.

We have so many options for toothpaste they take up a whole island.

For me, the endless choice doesn’t stop at toothpaste. It extends to all topics of interest.

When I hear about something new and interesting I can’t just observe it from a distance. I have to be part of it. Then it becomes an obsession.

Take the Rubik’s cube, for example. There was a time a few years ago when it got quite competitive around here. It was the freaking Rubik’s Cube Olympics with bragging rights going to the person with the fastest time. Cubes and notes about cubes were laying all about. Houseguests thought we were a little bit strange, always fiddling with our cubes.

Yesterday, I learned about a group of people who compete in memory games. They have trained themselves to have superior memory. Now I need to master that superpower too. So I will be buying an instructional book from Amazon and building my “memory palace”.

That is, until the next optional area of interest comes along.

There is just not enough time in the day to try every type of toothpaste on toothpaste island.

5 thoughts on “Too Many Options

  1. I admit to never finishing a Rubik’s Cube… I’d get bored halfway through and chuck it. And yes, there are a lot of toothpastes. But damn, have you checked out the shampoo aisle/isle lately? A veritable cornucopia of fruits, vegetables, and natural oils!

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  2. This is refreshing. Usually, when people say “too many options,” it’s a complaint. Paging Bernie Sanders!

    You guys are really really smart over there. Not only have I never solved a Rubik’s Cube, but when I looked up some instructions on the Internet, I couldn’t even interpret them. Guess I don’t have the right kind of mind.


    1. The cube is easy to solve if you have a good teaching resource. I have a book that explains it well. There is a slow way with minimal memorization (the way I use) and a quick way with lots of memorization (too hard for me).

      The world record is somewhere around five seconds. Now that person is smart!

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  3. I have about as much interest in a Rubik as I do in the pet rocks that were popular in the 70s. Money wasted dust catchers is what they are.

    Toothpaste Island, (de plane, de plane…wait…wrong island…sorry). And, if you picked up each box of said pastes, you would see that, except for flavorings, the ingredients are pretty much the same. Ditto, shampoo. The oil of the month may be in it but, the detergents and anti-microbials are all the same. The only differences are the packaging and the adverts.

    They have books on building memory palaces? Why the hell not. Here’s an idea…play Jeopardy. Maybe YOU can win a million+.

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