Blogging Polarity

Morning blogging is my specialty. I feel energized with a little coffee. When I say a little, I mean a lot. I always drink half the pot. To drink the whole pot would be a crime because there are two of us tangoing at this time.

Nighttime blogging is the coming unhinged like a rusty gate on a cocaine binge. My coffee pot has long stopped pouring but per milligram of blood my alcohol is soaring.

In the morning I like to read the news. In the evening I like to drink the booze.

In the morning I fiddle with logic and reason. In the evening I’m enervated for billions of reasons. Billions of reasons; that’s a lot. Did I use the semicolon in the right spot? Probably not.

Why am I so tired at night? Cause I took a knife to a sheep gunfight. Billions of sheep like the walking dead are walking around with earbuds in heads.

It’s a dream, Sheep, wake up! Until it’s not. Someone took my parking spot.

That special someone is not one but a personification of everyone. But they don’t know a secret about me. I have a friend at the DMV.

“Friend, can you run a plate for me? ABC 123?”

7 thoughts on “Blogging Polarity

  1. It only takes one person to park in the wrong place to ruin many people’s days. It’s like a domino effect. A random person parks in someone else’s spot, so then the person whose spot was stolen has to park in someone else’s spot and the pattern continues.

    I feel like slashing tires. Who wakes up in the morning and decides to commit such a travesty???

    An interesting description of polarity. I value sleep too much to wake up earlier than I absolutely have to. But when I go in to work “later”, I do enjoy blogging in the morning.

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    1. I agree with you – no one should ever take someone’s parking spot! I don’t actually know anyone at the DMV, but I wish I did. Maybe I could get through their line faster.

      I’m surprised at the weird writing I do when I’m overtired. Set your alarm super early one day and give it a try!

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  2. Super fun doggerel. Sounds like Dr. Seuss. So many lines I could quote and praise, but I am too lazy.

    I’m started to assonate. Your poetry must be getting to me.

    When I am contemplating posting something, I chew on it in my mind throughout the day and then usually write the draft in the evening. I’ve always been a night owl. The chewing process results in OK writing, but it does make me a be a little less present with my children.

    When you blog, do you write the post in a Word document first, or directly in the blogging program?

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    1. Thank-you for the compliment. I think I ate too much green eggs and ham that night.

      I usually write directly into the WordPress web app on my laptop (or cellphone in a pinch). Occasionally I save drafts, but usually I post right away. As you might have noticed, there isn’t much of a pattern to what I post or when.

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