Get a Job

Time to get a Job. With a capital J. No, this is not another post that shamelessly links back to my post on The Book of Job.  It is so much more than that.

It is the ranting of an anxious person trying to pump out as many blogcicles as possible before his return to the “workforce”.

Before automation, quantum computers, and artificial intelligence eradicate all known jobs, I must go and Make Canada Great Again by contributing labour in the form of doing the bare minimum between sick days.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself.  First I must perform in the Job Interview.

There are many ways for employers to screen potential candidates.  Short of waterboarding the candidate, the employer will never know the truth.  Even if the candidate swears to solemnly tell it, so help him, God.

The interview can be a lot more fun if you only tell the truth as you’re supposed to.  But giving the interviewer the URL and telling them they will find all the answers they need there might not be my best course of action if I actually want the job.

So tomorrow I will be breaking at least one of the ten commandments.  Bearing false witness.  That’s lying, right?  I’ll be looking sharp doing it though.

The clothes I wear will be just another lie and in the interest of rhyming, I might even wear a tie.

Wish them luck.




14 thoughts on “Get a Job

  1. Interviewer: Do you work well independently?
    Job Seeker: No. I need constant supervision to keep me from stealin’ and harassin’.
    Interviewer: I think we’re done here.
    Job Seeker (with a side eye): Do you mind if I show myself out?

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  2. But seriously. Good luck.

    I will miss seeing your 2 -3 posts a day, but I will be happy for you when you have a job. I guess this means you completed your machine learning course?

    I will be taking a blog hiatus during the month of August in order to move across the country. Perhaps by the time I return, things will have settled with your job as well and blogging will resume as normal. Or as … abnormal.


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