Three Pedals and a Wheel

Shiny new car with all electronics. Swing your foot and the back hatch opens. Cameras to show you where to drive. It’s like flying the muthafuckin’ F-35. Joint tactical S U V. Three variations for you to buy.

Don’t buy into the salesman’s spiel. You only need three pedals and a wheel.

6 thoughts on “Three Pedals and a Wheel

  1. My father bought a pickup truck and insisted on NO power windows, doors… any enhancements of any sort. After his Alzheimers kicked into the final stage, my mother asked me to take the truck so he didn’t go out in it. When I describe the lack of technology, the usual reaction is for someone to make me an offer on it…


  2. Problem with all the new tech is that it is increasingly only fixable by the dealers themselves and it DOES break very quickly in some cases. Your independent garages and home DIYers aren’t going to be able to repair faulty “smart” features or those fat tablet-like screens sticking up out of the dash. Heck, even the manufacturers won’t repair them – they just bin them and charge you a few thousand for a replacement.

    Saddest thing is that I don’t believe that there will be a classic/vintage car scene in the future because these new cars simply won’t work in the future because of obsolete software that nobody can do anything about when it dies. Not that I believe most of todays cars will deserve “classic” status or that anybody will care. I don’t know what it’s like for you guys over in the US/Canada but here in Britain, it seems that every new car is an anonymous, blobby SUV bought on finance and treated like any other home appliance, sold to consumers as fashion accessories based on whatever super-super tech is included.

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    1. You nailed it. Most people I know only plan to keep their car for four to six years so they aren’t worried about the longevity of the electronics.
      I like to run my car for more years and fix any problems myself, but it is increasingly hard when everything is integrated into the dashboard “tablet”, as you mentioned.
      Most of the features are not needed, like waving your foot under the tailgate to open the hatch. Is it convenient and would I use it? Sure. But I don’t need it. I have been putting stuff in my trunk for many years without such things.

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