Garbage In, Garbage Out

A professor of mine used to say this. Frequently. It was as if it was the most important thing he was trying to convey to us.

I wasn’t fully sure what he was talking about at the time.

Twenty years later I might be suffering from a full garbage dump. The rubbish I was seeing was affecting me all along, but I couldn’t close my eyes. Garbage in.

Now it spews out of me as what some might call negativity, but in reality, it is actually really reality. For real. Garbage out.

My plight is synonymous with that of our planet. My body is filled with floating plastic and my brain is fogged up with smog. My mechanism for dealing with it is clogged. With dirty diapers and granola bar wrappers. Fatbergs of thought are log jamming my synapses.

So I wretch and spew as much of it as I can onto these virtual pages. Could it be therapeutic? To talk it out? To read all about it? To let you all know every dip shit I meet? To let you all know every crime on the street?  To mock and sarc with an asm orgasm?

It’s useless. We’re small. Like ants on a hill. Like trillions of pointless paper bills. Burned up in the heat of infinite fire by a band of bandits; perpetual liars.

It’s enough to make us lie down and die.  But wait, worldwide, there are others like us.  Others who won’t sit at the back of a bus.  Others who won’t fiddle and fuck and fuss with a cellphone when a human sits across from us.  With products that cost an arm and a leg.  Our cars are for driving, not giving us head.  Our schools are for learning, not filling with lead.

Enough is enough.  Enough is enough.  Enough is enough.

Garbage Out Challenge:  Get it off your chest.  Write a rant about the nonsense you see around you in whatever written form feels right.  If you are already doing so then keep up the good work.

11 thoughts on “Garbage In, Garbage Out

  1. When you are a Highly Sensitive Sort
    reading rants is confusing and feels like le mort.
    We feel we must fix or explain every angle,
    which gets our soft grey matter all in a tangle.
    Sometimes I can’t tell what on earth you are mad at,
    but suspect it is something that I’ve tried my hand at.
    So rant on, my friend, if it makes you feel better
    and consider this comment my Sensitive Rant letter.

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  2. I used to rant all the time on a previous blog site and to be honest, it got a little tiring. Yes, there’s a plethora of stupid in the world… but after a few life altering events and years I’ve learned to let it go. You can’t fix stupid. Lord knows I’ve tried!

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    1. Ha ha. Nice try. You were ranting about your refrigerator the other day!
      Your rant was a perfect example of how stupid the world has become – throwing out an appliance the size of an elephant every six years!
      You even followed it up with a rant about shopping with men. Ha ha.

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