The Great Ford Lawsuit

A car I once owned was named in a class-action lawsuit.  I was notified via the mail.  Bad transmissions.  My car did have a few transmission issues.  Maybe this would be my chance to find some extra cash.

I could not find my service records (another weird glitch in the Matrix).  Upon request, the folks at the Ford dealership kindly printed them for me.

Although the number of unique transmission parts prescribed by the settlement were replaced on my vehicle, they were replaced during two service visits, not three.  The class-action settlement demanded that the victim of inconvenience (in this case, me) had been inconvenienced three times, not two.

And that is why three is the magic number.

I wonder what the magic number would have been if the shuddering transmission distracted me enough to drive over the centre line into the grill of an oncoming Mack truck.

3 thoughts on “The Great Ford Lawsuit

  1. Luckily I’ve never had to deal with a recall. My car was made in the last year of its production run so all of the issues and recalls (such as one for roof rust…) were no longer an issue.

    I try not to be an early adopter of new cars OR technology. Let those who want to leap straight on it be the product testers then I’ll come along later on when the glitches have been fixed AND the product is (possibly) cheaper.

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