The end of the blog as we know it?

There is nothing more to say.  “Life sucks, then you die” pretty much sums it up (The commonly used expression, not the story I started, which will probably go unfinished).  So if it all sucks, why bother blogging, or doing anything at all?

Good fucking question.  Why use profanity?  Good fucking question.  Maybe I like the staccato, two-syllable punch of the F-I-N-G word.  Maybe it’s no one’s business what words I use.  Maybe that’s why (for the most part) my friends and family don’t have the link to this blog: so I can swear with impunity (there is at least one scene-causing reason to do so).  Whether or not I spend all my time looking up thesaurus words, aka synonyms, to reinvigorate my blog with a higher level of eloquent-speak or just let my muscle memory take my fingers to the familiar F-bomb (two out of four of its letters are on the home row, and the other two are accessed with the strongest typing, index finger – see my post on the DVORAK keyboard layout) what’s the, pardon my french, fucking difference?

Whew!  Talk about a run-on sentence.  Complete with parentheses and a hyperlink for your pleasure.  I was going to say,  “her pleasure”,  but that would definitely be politically incorrect.  Question:  Is it still socially acceptable to say, “politically correct”?  If it is, I can assure you there will be a day when it is not.  Trust me.

As usual, you might be asking, “What is the point?”  Good fucking (have I exceeded my quota?) question.  Damn, it just feels so good to say today.  I’m sorry if this is not your flavour.  It’s like cilantro.  Some people just don’t like it.  In my case today, maybe I’m adding too much of the fucking stuff.  That’s the last one, I promise.

The point is, as many teenagers going through puberty figured out long ago (evidently, I got stuck in that stage), is that there is no point.  And that is a hard pill to swallow, especially when you keep re-swallowing it.  It’s not like in the Matrix, where you pick the red or the blue pill and then you move on and deal with your decision.  It’s a you-know-what-ed up scenario where you reanalyze your situation every couple of (insert time frame of days, weeks, months, or years here) and then you swallow that great big horse pill again.  It gets stuck in the throat every time.

So then what is my point about there being no point?

Some of us down here are getting our jollies off of there being no point.  It means we can kill all the tuna in the ocean and not lose a moment’s sleep.  A couple of kids in B.C. decided to go on a killing spree and now they flee.  The cops are closing in.  A sad story that has already ruined six lives and probably many more.  But billionaires kill millions.  And politicians help them.  There is likely some evil secret layer above all that.  And all the shit that I’ve said in all the blogs and thousands before me have said for years.  I’m saying nothing new.  And that is why it will probably soon come to its ugly end.  The blog and probably this whole planet.  The actual space sphere (or disk if you’re Mark Sargent) will likely survive for a couple of hundred billion more, but the awkward apes that think experimenting with nuclear weapons is as much fun as slingshotting frogs will be gone.

You might think that I don’t notice anything positive in the world.  Wrong.  A couple weeks ago a young person I know was featured in the news for raising money for cancer research with a lemonade stand.  A blog post about that would have brought a smile to many of your faces.

Last week her face was ripped apart by a dog.  Now she gets to have facial reconstruction surgery.

These things affect us all.  Some are part of nature and some are due to human stupidity.

Every day when I read the news I am reminded that the world is in a sad state.  With no power to change any of it, I can only change myself and rant about the rest.  And as evidenced by the response to my post about ranting, ranting is an unpopular medium (even though it was done quite well on the Rick Mercer show).

Which brings me back to my point.  That there is no point.  For if I am powerless to change anything from plastic in the ocean to unnecessary manufacturing to political corruption and my rants are unpopular and rub people the wrong way, then I am not sure what the point is.  Oh yeah, none.  Gulp.  Ouch.

Peace out for now.  B.S.



7 thoughts on “The end of the blog as we know it?

  1. If there was nothing more to say…wow. if there was truly nothing left to say then folks couldn’t get a rise- out of anything.

    Nothing wrong with dropping f*💣💣s, swear words replace what we can’t say or want to say or how we feel. Hey. If there was nothing left to say we can go on expletive laced rants, maybe that’s what the world needs.

    Hope your day is going well, 🐏

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