Build Up

“Build Up” can mean a lot. We could be talking about skyscrapers or soap scum. If you ever took the drain plug out of the bathroom sink you know what I’m talking about. Hair, soap, and dirt coalesce into a slippery (and slightly salty) slop.

We could also explore a clean sink as a metaphor for your brain and a soap scum sink asΒ your brain on [insert bad thing here].

Does every writer have a process? You might not think so based on this article. It seems like I jumped in and then kind of lost my way. Well, you would be write. Right? Or does it sound better like this, “You would be right. Write?”?


Step one in my process is “find an idea” or as I say, “check the news” or as Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black (holding the National Enquirer) would say, “check the hot sheets”.

The Hot Sheets point to the Epstein story. That story has been pissing me off and I haven’t done a good news story rant in a while. But others have the Epstein stuff covered. Besides, we know that your brain on news is not the bleached, white, porcelain, can-eat-off-of sink. It is the Canada-Goose-grey soap, slop, slime sink.

So let’s skip the news and go to step two.

Step two: Talk about something personal. Does anyone want to hear about my vasectomy again?

Didn’t think so.Β  That’s old news.

Step three: Get poetic about it. If all else fails, take a glob of that brain soap, throw it at the wall and see what sticks (you may want to wear a latex glove). Or better yet, fold it inside a piece of paper and make a Rorschach test.

What you discover about yourself might require a plumber.

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