A New Sheep In Town

What the fuck is going on with this world? No, that’s not what I am trying to say, I know what is wrong with the world: It’s the parasite that crawls around on it. Goddamn it! What the fuck is wrong with us? So much nonsense, seriously? What the hell is the point? What is it that we are truly doing here? We’re driven by such nonsense. Why do we do what we do? Religion? Nonsense! My invisible sky friend is bigger than your invisible sky friend. Seriously? Seriously? I don’t care whatever your belief, or faith, or hope is, it’s all nuts. Everything we do is just silly. Our politics are a fucking joke. Take a look at the clown president of the USA. What an embarrassment. As I said, don’t care what your belief, faith or hope is. The man is a successful idiot. How in the hell the clown got voted in is beyond me. No, that’s not true. No real choice. Missus Clinton at least would not have been such a soap opera. The whole system is fucked. The fact is the ship was sinking well before ass clown Trump took over because people believe it is up to one individual to lead them to something great. Hmm… Religion? Politics? Just more horseshit, garbage, human nonsense. Everything we do is so fucking sad. We are killing our habitat. We ain’t going to get off this planet any time soon because we are too busy chasing bullshit. I am ashamed to be human, dirty fuckin’ things, just destroy everything in our way for our nonsense. Idiot fucking people ignoring facts because of their beliefs. Do us a favour and shut up.  I don’t take kindly to people over talking me because I am saying things that hurt their mind bubble bullshit.  Nonsense. Absolutely crazy. Start thinking for yourself use your ears. Listen or read the whole damn thing. Think then respond. Everyone is just in such a rush to use their mouth flap they end just being a sheep bahhhing. Nothing to say, just a bunch of noise.  LISTEN. THINK. RESPOND. If you don’t know, say, “I don’t know.”

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